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Wanted Cannon flush mount power plug / power cables

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I am looking for power cables (battery side) for Cannon Magnum 10a.  Also, does anyone know if the current flush mount plugs will work?

My power cable from the Rigger is black make connection.



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I have 3 of the older style cables but you may want to contact Cannon because they replaced all of my old style cables with the new ones for free, and the new yellow connectors do work with the flush mount adapters.

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7 minutes ago, dry net said:

New ones are only about $18 on fish 307

Those are the new style on there. Those won't work with his older style, rigger side cable.


I have 3 of the old style complete cable sets in great shape I would part with if tin cup doesn't come through with enough.

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So apparently I need a retro Power cable kit. ( It converts the old cables to the new ones) then I can use the flush mounts.  Part number for the KIt is 3883220

Anyone have any of these? or know where I can get them cheap?

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You know you can use just about anything to connect these? its just a 12v connection, as long as you use the right gauge wire for the riggers you will be fine. My old Mag 10a that came with my boat were wired with Minn Kota trolling motor flush mount plugs and sockets on them. No reason you couldn't use something like this and wire it yourself, these are only rated for 3amps and I'm not sure if these exact ones will work but you get the idea.

These are what my old ones came with

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