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Flea removal tip

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Ok so I'm stealing this from another site it's actually from the lake Ontario discussion Facebook group do to lake Ontario having a huge outbreak of the fishhook water fleas like we have in the finger lakes the past few weeks. At times it's been unbearable up on the big lake heavy mono isn't working on rigger rods and picking the fleas off isn't working as they are sticking like glue to the line. However recently a guy posted a tech tip called the flea file. Basically it's a paint stir stick with a male side of Velcro glued or stuck to it and you hold the line tight and flick the Velcro stick across the line down and away from you and the fleas come right off. You can do this even when someone is fighting a fish on a rigger rod to keep the fleas from building up on the tip of the rod. Once the Velcro gets full of fleas you can rinse it over the side of the boat and it's good to go again. It's kind of messy because you get fleas all over the back of boay but is a great way to deal with the fish hook fleas us finger lakes guys deal with every year and keep fishing. I just had to share it here!

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Bob I think I may have gotten the idea from a post on here a short time ago. I think someone said they were going to give it a try so I (in desperation:lol:) went down cellar and rigged one up.  Man with these things anything is worth a try. :smile: good luck out there.

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