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Kevin is home.

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It is with a heavy heart and tears in our eyes that I tell you that the search for Kevin has concluded. On September 11, Durham police were called to Petticoat Creek Conservation Area when a body washed ashore. Upon further identification and investigation, it has been confirmed the body belongs to Kevin Wong. 


The family of Kevin is going through an extremely tough time of mourning, and I hope we can all support and respect them during this difficult time.


We would like to thank everyone for their unwavering support during the past five days. Thank you to all of the police services who used their resources to search for Kevin. Thank you to the volunteers who walked the shoreline, the boaters who went out on the water, and the drone operators who searched the lake. Thank you to the media for helping get the word out about Kevin, and the residents in the area who supported the search. Please make sure you remove any posters put up along the shoreline during the search. 


The overwhelming response of support to the search for Kevin is a testament to his character, and the positive effect he had on everyone he met. He was an important member of the fishing community, and we are going to miss him so much.


Words cannot express the complete devastation Kevin’s loss has to his family and close friends. Many who had interactions with Kevin agree that he is a genuine friend that everyone loves. He will be deeply missed and we will remember him forever. Please help us to support the family as they struggle to find ways to go through this tragedy. All donations will go directly to the family to help cover the costs of the memorial and other related expenses. Your prayers, messages, and ongoing support are deeply appreciated.




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Thank you for closure ! Hopefully lessons are learned ! I have been out in Lake Ontario solo many times since 1984 and feel safer than on the Queen E. highway but I take NO risks !


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