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Saltist vs tekota A ? Pros/ cons


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I was wondering if anyone out there has used the new tekota A reels. I am familiar with the older tekotas have a few coppers set up on them. I run mostly diawa saltist reels with line counters and am very happy with them. I just wondered if anyone ran the new tekotas last year and how they compare to the saltist... I'm in the market to get 3 or 4 new reels trying to get some info before the Niagra show.


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I'd be interested in hearing some feedback on the new Tekota reels as well. The first thing that we did with the old ones was send them to Tuna Tom for the drag upgrade. Which seems silly, but made all the difference. It would be nice to see them perform flawlessly out of the box though.


x2 on the Saltist, of course, but you know that.

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