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Easter weekend in the Yankee from Rochester

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This was our last weekend in Rochester chasing Spring Brown Trout, and we spent it with a great family! We got both days in and the kids were troopers in yesterday's NE blow. This 7yr old girl and her slightly older brother reeled in Brown Trout without much help from the adults!


Hot sticks were Bay Rat Ghost Wipe and Ayu. Hot spoons were Sea Sick Waddler and glow frog.IMG_20190421_124634.jpegIMG_20190421_085714.jpeg


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16 hours ago, dgio67 said:

Fog Sunday out there was crazy.  Seemed to be heavier right in front of the creek.  I have never seen so many birds diving in the area.  Fun day on the water for sure. 


I've never seen so many Loons in one area. I wish they were more vocal Sunday morning.

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7 hours ago, baitballin86 said:

Suprising to see loons around here beautiful birds! Thanks for the report always like seeing people with family enjoying the outdoors! See ya out there sometime look for the blue bayliner!

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They're here every spring, but the numbers I've seen this year are more than I've ever noticed.

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Those kids will never forgot catching those fish. Great job, just one thing to remember and I see it almost every picture with people holding fish. Nobody is wearing PFD’s kids are required to wear them by law. I hear so many people post you got to respect Lake Ontario and how quickly the lake can turn on you. But you hardly

see anyone wearing PFD’s when fishing.



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