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Was a slaughterfest today , cowbells Gambler spinning glow did most of the damage . The big Lakers was crushing the mi stinger just above the cowbells. Carbon 14 in the D&w super slim did pretty well also just above the bottom. I couldn't get the high marks to go today 20 to 40 down . I fished the east side had 42 degree water on top. These fish are healthy and they have some shoulders to them. They are gorging on saw bellies. I cleaned a couple of them I couldn't believe how many saw bellies came out of their belly. I don't think they liked my shoes today they were decorating them for me . So I need to tie some new leaders for the spinning glows they were just swallowing them down and the leader to the spinning glow is all Nick up . So I'm not sure what gambler ties his spinning glows with thinking 20 lb maybe . IMG_20190425_105217358_HDR.thumb.jpeg.ef50cca1da80944c582d7ab2572c64c7.jpegIMG_20190425_122730711.thumb.jpeg.34043518b380b9dd82329ccbb57ca404.jpegIMG_20190425_104005897.thumb.jpeg.e05891d8c8f8014101d154beabefed0e.jpegIMG_20190425_114712461.thumb.jpeg.9ef211e02e81345cc9f16112d0cb5f5d.jpeg


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