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Catatonk Paul

Starting old motor?

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Go to I-boats and search for reviving old outboards. It has all the tips you need.

You can also just google "reviving old outboard"

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Posted (edited)

you could take the plugs out and put a good penetrating oil in the cylinders turn it over a few times by hand to get the oil to the rings then add more oil and let set for a few days. then crank the motor over with the plugs out to get rid of the oil. make sure you have water going to it before cranking. then do a compression check to see if it has stuck rings. if its good start it up and let it idle for a while before using it.


I bought a old 115 merc off ebay on an old boat out in a field. it had been there for god only knows how long. the bottom of the motor was all incrusted with white muck where it had set in water for long periods while in the field. the boat had pretty much rotted away on the inside. the tires on the trailer was half flat and badly weather cracked. he gave me the junk boat and trailer so I could haul the motor home before removing it. I stopped at the 1st station and aired up the tires. got it home hooked up the muffs and fired it up. it started right up and ran great. so I put it on another boat then a new water pump in it then took it down to my bil in fl. we used it for a few yrs when I went down fishing. then it started running rough for him and he sold it. he pretty much gave it away when it probably only needed plugs. I never did anything before starting the motor.


I would use a can of seafoam in the 1st few tanks of gas. if there is any stuck rings this could help unstick them.

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