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Fat Guy in a Little Boat

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Great job, guys! 


I did get out there yesterday but got the skunk. First one of the year but good to know it was just me. Haha


From your reports it sounds like I was running under them and probably too slow. I usually catch stagers slow and near bottom so I was just too stubborn about it even though the marks were mostly up high. Had a lot of fish tracking my baits but none biting, except for one monster cisco.


Again, Great fish and reports!

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I tried off the mouth of the big river with high hopes this afternoon and the amount of boats did not coincide with the number of fish that appeared to be in the area.  We marked very few fish between 30’ and 50’ as we weaved in and out of 50 boats or so without a fish and did not see anyone else hooked up during that time.  I worked the whole water column from 15’ down to 2’ off bottom without a bump besides one false release on a stacker.  My friend wanted to go out deeper but I trusted the other boats knew something we didn’t since we started at 3:30pm.  Hopefully I’ll get one more shot out there before it’s time to pack away the salmon gear and pull out the walleye and perch gear.

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