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With all the night walleye casting I do I'm always amazed by the amount of tigers active on top water at night.  I've never really targeted them, and the ones I've hooked have been tough to land on light walleye tackle.  Friday night the walleye fishing was slow and I was waiting for some fish to show and decided to try some top water for tigers and bass.  I tied a Whopper plopper on my heavier spin setup (Denali noirwood med hvy with a stradic ci4+ 4500) and worked it slow in 2-3 fow.  Second cast the water explodes and as soon as I set up on something heavy my drag is screaming and my Whopper plopper is heading for deeper water.  I tighten down on my drag a bit and after a nice fight we get a decent tiger in the net.  Fish wasn't handled or measured, but fairly thick and heavy.  Next year I'm going to offer night trips for tigers for anyone interested.  It's actually much easier to locate tigers and active tigers at night...landing em in the dark is bit tougher tho!



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