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Leads off the downriggers

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How far of leads from the downrigger  ball are you guys on the St. Lawrence River running your baits back.  Tight to the ball?  Or back a ways thanks 


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I don’t know many muskie guys that run downriggers so you may not get many responses. There are plenty of muskie baits that reach desired depths flat lined. However, I know it is somewhat common on the St Lawrence near Lake Ontario. I personally have only tried downriggers a few times. One season, years back at Chautauqua, we caught several muskies off a downrigger. Lead length was between 30 and 50’. We got a 53”er off a downrigger on the St Lawrence near Lake Ontario years back. It was a longer lead.


Here is a link to Bob Walter’s website. He has a bunch of experience running downriggers for muskies and runs an underwater camera. I don’t know that he specifies lead length, but the baits must be pretty close to the camera and ball.








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