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What should I do? Wood panel repair

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I ripped out the vinyl side panels on my boat prior to putting it into winter storage. The wood backing needs to be replaced. I am not sure what type of wood to use for this since it's etremely thin not like the floor. Should I use lewan and put seberal coats of sealant? The vinyl is in good condition so I would just reupholster it to the wood once I am done. Has any one done this and what did you do? I'd appreciate some advice on this. Thanks.

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I have the same problem and I am thinking of going with a"Formica" type board. It should look good and be easy to clean. I am not going to glue it to plywood as in a wet environment, the glue lets go. Maybe I can stiffen it up with thin aluminum.

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Thanks for the replies. If you look in the picture on the side you will see the sag in the sides. Unfortunately I don't have a better picture of the wood rotted an drooping. But I also attached a pictue of the boat's interior before it got bad. I was looking to return it close to it's orginal state. I want to put a new wood backing under the upholstery. So a nice looking finish is not important. It's the rot factor. Just want to get some longevity out of this repair. I hope to have the boat for 5 to 10 more years before upgrading to another.



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If ya got axcess to a good wood shop or even Boces project . take some 5/4 cedar ,saw in half(thickness) run through planer,then jount the edges glue,finish,enjoy ...more future maint with any wood but looks good ,,,,or any 3/8 treated ply wraped with vinyl will give ya 10 yrs....cedar 2 week project with dryin time ,,plywood 1/2 day

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Like ray koziatek said. If its gelcoated under them, I'd just trash the foam/vinyl

covered side panels.

Then trim out the lower edge in your favorite rot resistant hardwood, a few

coats of Sikkens and call it good. Around here I can get a 5/4 x 6" x 8'

deck board of what the store calls "Brazilian Teak"(think it's Ipe) for about

$25. Rip it in half, router the cut edge and bolt it on. Should be able to do the

whole thing for less than $100 including the SS fasteners. A nice, clean look.

Kinda like on these.

These are on a Formula F233, Seacraft Septre and a Tiara/Pursuit 20(I hijacked

these pics from the web so if these belong to anyone here...Love your boat, Man!)




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