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Sorry but I need info on trolling rods....

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Tell me what kind of rods you all use for trolling for musky? Lengths, action. One or two piece....  I’ve been trying to troll with Cabelas Depth Master rods in 7 1/2 ‘ with no luck. Not one or two trips. Three to four trips a year for the past three years. Don’t know why but I want to catch one trolling. I’ve caught several casting.....  Just frustrated........


 While you’re commenting, what lures?  I’ve used super shad raps, big Smithwicks , swim wizz, and others.  Nothing real big and have had no luck.  


Tim D.

Rochester, NY

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The rod is not your reason for lack of success. Any rod not overpowered by the lures you are pulling will work. St Croix makes a nice glass trolling rod but it is a bit pricey for most except a dedicated troller. For years I have used old 8' heavy bucktail rods.The secret of success is time on the water particularly when and where. Location and timing are everything. If your fishing small inland lakes your chances will be greater than on the Larry.I fished inland for many years counting on at least one fish per day. I now fish the Larry and have had 4 50 inch fish in the boat in a day and also gone 80 hours without a fish. They aint crappies.

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That is not really a lot of time that you have put in. Even an experienced musky angler can go that long without catching a fish. But some get lucky their first time out. There are a lot of things you can do to increase your chances. Joining a club, going out on a charter or with other anglers who are successful and putting in more time are probably the three most important things you can do to improve your odds. Eventually, the more time and effort you devote, the better your success will be. It is kind of like developing an extra sense. You eventually learn how to take advantage of and adjust to nature's conditions and different situations.

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Where are you fishing? What are your speeds? We just started trolling this year for musky and had great success (except for our Chataqua trip)

We had awesome luck with one lure all year - it caught 80% of our fish. (Lungsten 22 short) - even though we had 3 rods in the water at all times, this one lure was the winner every single time.

As far as rods go I don't think it matters. We fish St Croix musky trolling rods. It's all up to your budget.

2019-10-11 08.16.15.jpg

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The secret is out!


Just kidding. That lure is on my shopping list for spring already. I'm hoping I can make it to the show in Chautauqua at the end of April and Llungen will be there. If not, Team Rhino has some killer colors online.


Another basic lure that consistently works for me is a Depth Raider. Two problems that I think cost me fish trolling are running too slow and too deep. I'm going to run faster on my top end and a lot more short leads this year.

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