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NEPA Hardwater


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It’s been a rough ice season for us all , especially here in Northeast PA this year. I still been getting and having some good action. With few lakes having safe ice i had spend more time on lakes further North. Two weeks ago we had some cold nights and my  “go to lake” Lake Wallenpaupack had a solid 4-5in. In some of the coves. I started lookin for safe ice friday afternoon and at 3:00 i found it had good ice in my #1 cove.  Fished 3:00-5:00 and ended with 28 jumbo perch and 12 nice gills. The bite was so hot i called to wife to come right to the lake when she got out of work at 4:00. Definitely nice to get on the ice and find the bite





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with the hot bite and lack of bein able to get on the ice I committed myself into a weekend of fishin to stock up the freezer with panfish fillets. I called my buddy and met him and his two sons on the cove at 7am. We fished till 1:00 and by then we had 200 fish on ice. The better half were jumbo perch. I had 8jawjackers out and they contributed 2 smallies.  Everything came on the jiggin rods.  Another great day on the ice. 



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“Super Sunday Slamfest”


with a warm up comin again the next day we knew this was gonna be our last day for another few weeks. We decided to start a tradition and bring the grill and have a cookout on ice. 
we started the day at 7am  the wife and I met my buddy, his two kids, and another friend of his and picked up where we left off the day before. With my freezer almost full i decided to try my luck with stripers,browns, and walleyes, setting up 8jawjackers and 10 tip-ups with live bait and let the wife do all the jiggin. Once again the bite was on. We were all within feet of eachother and everyone was hitting panfish. at 8:30 it was time to get the grill goin and have some eggs for breakfeast. 11:00 i pulled out the cordless fillet knife and put it to work on a dozen jumbo perch for lunch. Great trip with good friends. By 2:00 it was time to wrap up. We ended the day with 200+ panfish on ice.i was a little disappointed with no action with all the jackers and tip-ups i had out but the jiggin definitely made up for it.  







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