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Cayuga Cayuga 3-18-20


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Thank you to the folks who suggested where to launch on Cayuga. 

Launched on the south (ladder) ramp at taughannock.

Trolled with big planars from Crow bar back to taughannock. Notta.

Drove boat to south end and fished in 10-20 ft of water, 2 mph, shallow stick baits.

Was shooting for landlocks, but landed 2 northerns and 1 laker. 

Oh well, maybe next time.



Dave Brown 3-18-20.jpg

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No I have a trophy HT with outboards got stuck in the middle of the marina. Unless the water level came up in the last two days don't try it. Ended up going to Seneca

is Meyers deep enough to launch bigger boats 2.5'. would be good. i have a hard top so the other side wont work.
Thank you in advance

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10 hours ago, Hooked Custom Lures said:

Thank you i may try Long Point. I had a couple of friends there yesterday. They thought i can get in and out.I would just rather fish the south end this time of year.

Go to Taughannock....your best bet

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On 3/25/2020 at 12:12 AM, lyteline said:

Cassie,we have a friend that lives on the lake.Will check with him on Wednesday for a report.Cyn and I stopped at
Meyers yesterday and I wouldn't launch there.Good luck....Zeke n Cyn

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Thank you i think we are going to go to long point until we get some more rain. I cant get under the bridge on the other side. I would rather fish the south end but im not waiting for that lol.

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