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Since the launches are now open , I will post 


Fished about 1.5 hrs this morning .


7 to 10 ft found nice patch of water . Stained and warm . 


 Jointed rebels 70 ft back 2 to 3 ft down on rigger 


4 / 7 all smaller Brown's with one about 14# 


This Rebel has been a go to this time of year since  like 1985 or so 


To breezy for me , had to come in 


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Rebels are an underated lure . Spring boards in shallow ,they are the best 


Off riggers they also produce well 


I have some 5 1/2 " black silver that I like for spring kings off riggers . 


They don't make all the colors they use to . 


And they are cheap , or use to be . 

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