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yes I tried flasher and flies but they have been hitting the spoons.  I run an 8 foot leader to my spoons off the dipsy divers.  I have been talking to some of the charter guys and they say that spoons and flasher fly rigs are just as productive as the cutbait.  and that the evening bite is just as good as the morning bite.  I asked what time is the night bite and they said 5 pm until dark.  I keep my boat at the Lighthouse Marina in the big salmon so I have been putting in some good time.  Lots of fish! Go crush them! 

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2 hours ago, Logger Gen II said:

I have 22 foot Starcraft islander 

Before finding out about mexico state launch I always launched out of pine grove launch.  Tried launching my 25ft trophy And i spent an hour cutting the grass before I Could drop my outdrive  Mexico is a few min down the road and is much more big boat friendly launch. Lol.  

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