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Not putting the cart before the horse but rather being pro-active. Looking for everyone’s choice of taxidermist especially any one that does black bear.


I have put a ton of time in on my property and have some great bears on camera. Talking with the wife she said she would rather have a full mount versus a rug if I am able to harvest one


I don’t want to rely on the internet and get something back I’m not happy with.


IMG_8860.thumb.JPG.191296e43091ef7b9664e3f7a85496cd.JPGI’m willing to travel if I can find a good one.



‘Bout Time



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Long drive from Syracuse area, but I’ll pass along as he does quite a few bears (and likes to do them). Bob Crossley at Crossley’s Taxidermy in Sherman, NY. Phone 716-761-6117. Full time taxidermist working from a shop at his home.  Did a shoulder mount on the Bear I shot last year.  Bob was very helpful as it was my first bear in providing info on care, finding a processor (many deer processors in this area don’t want to do bears), and with quick turn around.  When I picked up my mount he said he had done 25 of the 41 bears taken in 9J in 2019.  If you don’t find someone closer, you might give him a call.  I’ll try to post a pic of my mount.

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Same as above on Alan Strouse, Strouse taxidermy in Lawerenceville PA

He is a great guy, extremely reliable, very clean shop etc. He has the full mount form made custom so to speak for your full mount and he does perfect mounts.

He did a full mount for me on a Big cinnamon bear, it is unbelievable quality. He also did a three quarter wall mount on a rock that mounts on the wall and it’s awesome.

if you get one, get the full mount or the 3/4 wall deal, you’ll like it way better than the rug

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