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New EBike review


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When I first started looking into Ebikes years ago I thought 3k for a bike ..no freaking way!  


Finally I found enough reasons to own one.  Not only did I need a mt.bike for family fun and adventure but my hunting property is long and narrow with a slight grade uphill access. I have always walked insted of ATV'ed to stay stethy 2 of my favorite stands take 30-45 mins and no matter what I did i would be full sweat when I got there 


I can't say that the bike will bring more or bigger bucks but what I can say is jumping on a silent bike not leaving a sent trail and getting to the far stand in 5min was the best feeling ever!  I parked it about 60yd from the stand, climbed in cool as the other side of a pillow. Then shot a buck 30 mins later. One of those things where you say why didn't I do it sooner. 


After much research I chose the RAD-Rover not marketed as an "hunting bike" but built with all the same high quality components for half the cost. Shipped to my door for $1600


You can check a the specs online but so far everyone's reaction when seeing it and riding it was "wow I need one"  I have been on a few good 6-10mi rides and can't wait for more.



I have $50 promo codes if you are remotely interested.



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We purchased one about 4 years ago for my wife to use to help with access.  It is a great tool!  I use it heavy to check cameras completely quietly.  I can check 6 to 8 cameras on our lease in 20 minutes on our mowed access trails and not bust a deer or leave scent behind (Pre Cell Cameras of course).  We have a Quiet Kat.  Negotiated a great Price at the Harrisburg show.  I used to hunt a lot of large public tract lands and you are allowed to use them as long as it is below 1000CC electric.  Ours is a 750CC size. We used it to get deep on big closed logging roads.  It is just another tool in the arsenal as far as we are concerned. 

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