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Leadcore reel recommendations

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I went with the Saltists for the long cores due to the high speed gear ratio. 6.4 to 1

The Tekotas are 4.2 to 1.

The new Tekota A's are high speed but not sure about capacity for the longer cores. Maybe someone here is more familiar with the new Tekota A's will respond.


Both are good reels and will serve you just fine

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I’m with Rookie that high speed reels over to 6 to 1 are the way to go on long lead cores.  I’m not that familiar with Shimano’s high speed models as I’m a Daiwa guy.  Besides the Saltists, Daiwa has high speed in SG57LC3 and Seagate series.  I run Saltist 50LC’s with Tuffline Microlead on 10 colors and 57LC’s on Stealth Core down to 5 color.

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The high ratios are good for retrieving empty lines quickly but not so great gaining leverage on fish while fighting them.

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