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what is your favorite lure to run on leadcore down the chute

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On the Left Coast I use stick baits more than I do spoons and have found one Lure that definitely out produces most of the other major brands. It's an Abu Garcia Tormentor. Because here there is different water clarity and color in our Lakes mostly depending on the altitude they are at, I find these Lures work better in the lower elevation greener Lakes. The Lures do have rattles inside.

Because Abu Lures are no longer available in the U.S. except for E-Bay, I have to order them from an outfit in Malaysia. It takes around 2 weeks to receive the Lures.

Stan and I have caught Kings with them on Lake Shasta as well as some good sized Trout. The Vampire style I would rate as the best, second is the blue with orange belly. The Rainbow model is no longer made but I always get fish with it. When I lose that one, it will be a sad day.


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