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for sale : usa Custom painted trolling spoons

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Dam Dlott I am really fighting the urge. I have 7 boxes of lures in the shed that I will never use.I have sworn to my self I am not buying anymore . But I need a couple of the Pink,blue with black spots sent to 13743.



The pictures its hard to tell. Not the mag size . The ones that look to be C4.

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Geez Stan the derby is going to be tough enough as it is without you getting secret weapons......you already have the Fort Knox of spoons:lol:

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Betcha that felt good! I have only been out once so far...on Owasco. It was blowing hard and rough going. The first time that I have been skunked since I bought the new rig in August of 2019! Hope I have got that out of my system for the season!

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