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Need Walleye Charter Help/Info?

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  I'll try to keep it short. My best friend/fishing/hunting buddy is going through a tough time in life and really needs to get away for (at least) a day. We are bass fishermen for the most part, once in a while jig for lakers or perch. We have done a charter in the past trolling for walleye on lake Erie. We caught plenty of fish but it was boring just trolling and pulling up a diver or heavy weight not even feeling the fish fight. I call that a meat run and yes, it was delicious eating but not like hands on fishing we are used to. After a bit we took over running the lines just to stay busy and feel we had something to do with catching the fish.


  I know trolling is considered the most effective but I would like to take him were you jig or use live bait or maybe even planer boards on top with light setups if that is doable for walleye. Not opposed to driving a few hours; we are located in the Watkins Glen/Corning area.


  Looking at charters online is overwhelming. This forum has been a wealth of information over the years with a good group of guys sharing knowledge. Maybe someone can give me a direction on finding a reputable charter? Any help would be appreciated.

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A great guide on Oneida I’ve used many times is Full Tank Charters with Mike Tankersly...I prefer to jig as well and he’s all for it..slammed em on jiggin raps last summer...he’s a great dude very fairly priced...we’ve always launched from Godfrey Point 

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