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Canandaigua Canandaigua Revenge! 5/2/2021

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Last Night I was on the fence with the rain and gusty wind forecast but I am glad I went!


Right off the bat we caught a 8lb 7oz brown on the planers right off the drop off of the south end.  We stayed there for another hour with no luck and switched to a deeper program and went up the east Side and marked a good amount of baitfish but no takers. We shuttled across the lake just south of Bristol harbor, headed south and put the cowbells with some homade spin n glos at 102 on the riggers and bumped the bottom and picked up a near 6lb 5oz Laker. About 15 min later another hit and as we got the fish to the boat I jerked the line with my hand to get it in the net and it jumped off.  Yeah I am grounded..  


aways great to catch fish on your own spin n glos.  Blue, green and watermelon were the hottest.




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Nice going. I was just at the north end (not fishing) and the gulls were hammering the bait right in front of Kershaw Park so the bait is in close.

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