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Decided to move the boat back where lake Ontario fishing started for me. 32 years ago( I was 10) I caught my first and last Tyee slamon at 32lbs and I was hooked.


Friday 5/7: had little to no intel so we left port and followed the pack just west of port found a good screen and started fishing.   It started out like gang busters a mix of ho's and kings(8-14lb range).  Not much of a pattern everything I put in took fish from a 3 color to 80' rigger.  We fished 80'-140'.  Hot baits warrior salmon candy and DW SG Two Face.  Late morning it slowed down, we went to look for browns from port to the plant only to come up empty handed.  Move back out to 80' and trolled back to port and picked up a few more salmon.  Ended up with 19 salmon and 2 lakers.  Highlight of the day was two Ho's on one rod, hit the slider and the main spoon and netted both and the same time.


Saturday 5/8:  We left with a goal of finding big salmon so we headed west and ended up finding a pile of bait with fish on it 5 miles from the bar.  I changed my spread to target bigger kings, ran he baits deeper, went to bigger paddles and mostly mag spoons.  The fishing was hot again and we just kept circling the the same area all morning the fish hawk was key to our success keeping the speed from 2.4-2.6 required constant adjustments.  Lots of cloud cover in the morning ran a mix of green glow spoons and paddles.  Around 10:00 the sun came out and I changed out to more of a silver and green/chartreuse spread.  It was mainly a spoon bite for us the meat and fly's took only a few fish. Ended up the day with 21 Salmon a mix of ho's and kings with 3 x over 20lbs.  Highlight of the day was around 10:15 a double on big kings 23.10 and 22.13.  Both on the board and took big fish of the day.  Hot baits for us Michigan Stinger Mongoose, UV green Slush and DW SG two faced.  7 Color, 200 Copper, 300 cooper, Dipsey's from 100-180, Riggers from 60-80.   


No fish today got to keep the wife happy.  Back out next Friday, good luck out there.






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