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Mexico 6-20. Might be heating up

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Fished Saturday for the A-Tom-mik challenge.  Typic east end struggle, but managed two doubles putting a king and two steelhead in the box.  And one of the doubles was a small king and 8lb steelhead on the same rigger  lol. That was fun. We finished 21 out of 43.  But the team is coming together and is only gonna get better from here. 
   Sunday was a stellar day.  I donated my boat to the Fallen Outdoors and took out 4 veterans for a day of salmon fishing.  Ran the same lines same gear and went 7/10.  Start off in 60fow on the bouey line in front of plant.  Rigger down 40 with mag NBK got crushed and a 16lb brown accompanied us onboard.  Minuets later lances two face fires down 40 and brown # 2 comes on board.  At 7:30 I slid out to 140fow and FF down 100 fires and low teen king hits the box. Coho on 400copper and a few steelies.  Great day.  Things r starting to shape up. 







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Nice job in the challenge - always some tough teams in these east end events!   Fishing is a grind right now for sure!  We fished browns exclusively for the challenge on Saturday - definitely some banger browns around. Glad you guys got a nice one out there on Sunday! 

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