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Didn't plan on a great day with East winds & there was alot more traffic than usual on East wind days 

Lines in 6:00am-11:00. Did not see a ton of fish on screen in any depth today.  NO fish caught on leadcore or copper or flasher/flies  All Spoon Day!  Dipsys at 220ft & 240ft & riggers at 70-80ft. Glow Wonderbread, Seasick Wadler and Green Gator. 3 Salmon, 2 Steelhead & 2 Lake Trout, mostly in 200ft-250ft. 


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Fished Sun 7/11 from 7am to 1030 am, ran NE, worked 350fow, went 4/6 from with a small king, teener king, average steelie, and a real nice coho.  Bigger king took spin doctor/aqua/blue fly off the wire diver while the coho came 86 down on Mag Dreamweaver, blue alewife color.  Steelie and small king came on blue-ish spoons off the high divers, 170 and 225 back on 3 setting/braid. 


For anyone going off Olcott, fleas have gotten pretty bad.  If you havent moved a rod in 20 mins, it'd be a good idea to check it and clean it.  Also, colder water was further offshore, our shallowest good/big fish (22lbs) this weekend came in 261 fow.  Everything was deeper than that, up to 403 fow?   (Edit-big fish of the weekend was 26lbs on Friday evening in 289 feet.  Sat we had both a 24 and a 22.)

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Hi there.  Hoping to get some advice from folks that fish out of Olcoty.  New to Salmon fishing and have trip planned for 2nd wk of July 2022 at Olcott.  Usually just fish for walleye out of Erie, Pa but have caught the fever to try Lake Ontario.

How far out do we need to go for some decent July fishing?   Just me and my wife going.  She's good say 5 to 8 miles out but prob won't be thrilled if we had to go say 12 or 15 miles.  I have some maps but in the boat.

We are not real picky.  But planned this as a fishing vacation so hoping we didn't pick the wrong area of the lake.


Thanks in advance for any advice.



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You can find fish sometimes within a few miles of shore or 8 to 10 miles just depends on the weather and where the temp sets up. In the first week of august we caught a few just a mile or 2 north of the harbor but did way better 8 miles w nw of the harbor in 450 ft.

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