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for sale : usa 700 tekota shimano

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1 hour ago, keith osborne said:

They still sell the old style new at Captain chucks for 199 but out of stock right now

A lot of places have them listed but they will never get them “IN” stock anymore! You can wait for that $199 price but good luck ever getting it! Go look and see what they are selling for on eBay, especially if the reels have line counters!

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It's time for a basic business lesson on "the law of supply and demand"


In essence, the Law of Supply and Demand describes a phenomenon familiar to all of us from our daily lives. It describes how, all else being equal, the price of a good tends to increase when the supply of that good decreases (making it rarer) or when the demand for that good increases (making the good more sought after). Conversely, it describes how goods will decline in price when they become more widely available (less rare) or less popular among consumers. This fundamental concept plays a vital role throughout modern economics.

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