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Lakes/Rivers with White Perch?


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 They are not real well known in this part of the state,  not many waters here have them,but they  abound downstate and in NJ and LI, especially in tidal/ brackish/fresh rivers where they  are everywhere... Just wondering if they are anywhere in central NY in fishable quantities.. I know they are in the Seneca River/Cross Lake, and I could  be wrong but I think anglers there call them "silver bass", unless what they are catching is White Bass...  Not sure ,,
Do they grow  to good size there, say 12 inches??.. In some waters for some reason, they over populate, and you just don't see them over a about 6, maybe 8 inches.. Any information would  be appreciated. Are they commonly caught there, or an uncommon bycatch?... they are  very good eating in clean water, not sure  about how they taste from the Seneca River... Any other lakes where I might find them?...

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I used to catch tons of them in the ponds around Princeton and Holden in Massachusetts ,but then the Ma wildlife people decided that they were over populated and released tiger muskies in those ponds. that finished the white perch off.

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