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Well I took a friend and his 12 yr old son to camp friday night 04/25 when we got there we went and set up a blind for the morning hunt. I was lucky to have been able to do this because I had been fighting bronchitis all week but I did feel well enough to give it a try. We woke up at 5am and headed out to the blind as soon as it got light enough and I started calling we had gobblers lighting off all around us. Long story short the kid made a great shot 34 yards on a monster bird 9" beard, 1" spurs and 23lbs it was a hoss and boy was he excitied. The youth turkey hunt is about the most fun I have all year hunting the looks on there faces when they hear a bird gobble is priceless.


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Thanks Hank

It was my pleasure to watch this boy shake while watching this big bird flop on the ground in front of him. Then after a bunch high fives, firm hand shakes and I have no idea how many thankyou's the picture taking started. I cant wait until next year so I can try and get another young Lad his first kill again.

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