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6/25 Out of T-falls

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Hit the water this am with the boat - done a bunch of shake-down trips and finally got things dialed in and working... Definitely covered alot more water then I do with the kayak, but do miss the yaking experience.


Went just south of the point, then set-up running stick baits and spoons on a 4 and 5 color spread on in-line planers and came back north, weaving from 60 - 120 FOW


1st hit came of the 5 color with a silver sutton west river spoon - 21" salmon took the spoon deep, so it went into the cooler. After that, switched stickbaits to suttons. 3 more salmon landed and released, 1 lost about 50 ft from the boat. Also landed and released a small mouth bass. All salmon were in the area of boy scout camp.


Took a break from trolling and jigged lakers for awhile. 1st drop was followed and grabbed as soon as I pulled it off bottom - landed and released 5 lakers, watched lots of chasers.


Off the water by 11:30, sun was getting brutal as the wind died down.


Was worried about fleas based on other posts, but the lead core did a job repelling them - just a small wad on the topshot / leader.


Saw lots of folks drifting what I assume were sawbellies. What's the closest baitshop on the west side that has them ?


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20 hours ago, Reel Doc said:

Nice!  I thought you had gone exclusively kayak.  Gave your legs a break from pedaling today.  Thanks for reporting!

Got a used Lund Rebel 1650 this spring and been using that.   With gas prices, I maybe going back to the kayak :lol:

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