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Owasco 7/1

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Hit up owasco yesterday with a buddy to try and give the new depth raider a try. Didnt get out till about noon and was greeted with a pretty good SW wind. Was hot so the wind actually was nice.


Got a new to me depth raider so gave it a shot for the first time. Not completely sold on it yet, but worked the east side of lake from about 1-4pm with our biggest (5.6 lb) coming from 80' down on the bottom. Fleas were atrocious though. If you went more than 20 min in the water you'd have a hard time reeling it in without clogging your rod eyes.


Moved over to the east side of the lake as the sky got a bit darker and found good marks and hungrier fish. Finished the day by boating 7 lakers total and 4 of them came in our last hour of fishing on the west. Trout alien cowbells took all but one fish. Everything caught the fleas though as they weren't near as picky.




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I’ve also been using blood run 30 LB on Cayuga and compared to the old flea line I had the blood run works 10 times better for keeping fleas off… like said not all but definitely helps 

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trouthunter, I use 30lb test. I put about 150yrds on my reel and then tie at least a 20ft Seaguar fluorocarbon 10lb test leader connected to the sea flea with a double uni knot.  For Lake Ontario I use the same setup but use a 17lb test leader. i also use a double uni knot to connect the sea flea to the line that is on my reel. I dont put the sea flee on until the first week in June. Good Luck

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