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What a bite today at the Oak.  Beat up 90-110 of water until 11:00 with 35+ fish… moved out to 200 and hit a quad, then double, then picked away between 190-225.  Finished w/ a teenager at 165.  60+ fish to the boat.  Laker, couple browns, 6 steel, and 50+ kings from 1-20 lbs.   green jeans/UV 190, Alty’s Stud /UV 190, 2 face doctor/ flow leprechaun, black mamba doctor/ stud and BAM / glow goblin were flashers on fire.  Spoons were Warrior Menace, DW frog, hot lips, gold spook, orange slice.  Warrior Menace mag to 20 bites alone.  Had to pick through 1-5 lbs kings to find the good fish.  Likely 70 bites today… 3 times had mainline/ slider doubles.





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Isn't it great when you get to that point where you ALMOST say, "Please fish leave us alone".  Fishermen's Nirvana......when I die I hope God sends me there!!  Great stuff, thanks for sharing

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