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Onboard Battery Charger Readout?

Pete Collin

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I just bought a Lund, want to take it on a test run this afternoon.  It has an onboard battery charger.  I plugged it in to top off the Minn Kota batteries.  But it has no lights, gauges, or readouts of any kind.  How do I know if the thing's even working?  Tried googling a manual but they all show a unit with lights.  It's a Promariner Pro Sport 12.

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Thanks Frogger!  I'll give it a try.  Took the boat out yeasterday for a test drive.  Everything functioned well, and the boat rides awesome.  It will feel like fishing from a sofa.  Of course, when I pulled the boat out, I noticed that both trailer tires' sidewalls are severely cracked and dry rotted, probably one trip away from blowing out.  Oh, well!

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