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I was just rereading a chapter in “Another lousy day in paradise” and John Gierach describes, tongue in cheek, how he participated in a fly fishing tournament for carp. This reminded me of the 1970s fishing under the bridge at the I-Bay inlet catching big brown trout and monster sized carp.

I sometimes go to the Seneca River at Montezuma in early April as the river wakes up and catch a carp or two just to get winter out of my head, but the monster carp entering I-Bay always seem to be the biggest. 
Does anyone fish those these days? 

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Carp, catfish, trout, salmon, bass, pike, walleye, panfish and sheepshead all are fun to catch.  As long as they are biting, I don't care what I'm catching.  I really enjoy taking my kid and his buddies to the canal for a day of carp fishing.  Big strong fish on light tackle is a blast.  

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20 hours ago, LongLine said:

Back in the 80"s my brother snagged one in the tail off the river while combat fishing.  Took quite a while to get it in.  He threw that silver bullet into the bilge & vowed to never use it again.  

If the fish barriers in Chicago don't hold up, you may have to dig that silver bullet up again. because if those carp over there break through, it may be the only game in town.

Let's all say a little prayer to ,whatever gods you pray to, that that never happens

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