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for sale : usa Trolling or Hard Water Rig???

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Looking to part with this vintage rig but not exactly sure what it is used for. I have seen / read a few different things online and want to be sure I know what I have in hand as nothing matched up exactly. I’m sure some on here has some absolute knowledge on this and would appreciate any help so I know what I am parting with. And if someone is interested reach out.

Rod is about 4’ long with a roller guide at the end. Reel is tagged Californian, Manufactured by D & W Company Seattle Washington and loaded up with heavy copper.


The, what appears to be, copper sleeve that connects the rod to the handle is splitting and that is the only flaw seen other than showing shelf life. I do not see any boat / road rash and minimal handling.


Input is appreciated.












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That is an Old Thermocline rig. Spoons were placed every 15 ft from bottom and up to 5 spoons used. Mostly Suttons. Lead weight took it to depth or bottom. Seen a few in use in Seneca many years ago at the Old boat launch at Dresden. had an old friend who had several of these. They used to be on display at the Old G & R tackle shop in West Seneca NY. Ray and Gordy would appreciate seeing these. 

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