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  1. This has it listed...> http://www.airmartechnology.com/marine-product-search.asp?q=P66
  2. Salmon,....it doesn't matter what type of steering you have to use that steering bar. I have a BayStar system like you and all I did was use the clamp that comes with the unit to attach to the steer arm on my main. Depending on the geometry of your setup you may have to fabricate a plate or extension to give you full steering movement without hitting anything. There are many different transom layouts out there and some self fabrication/adaptor may be needed. We can better advise you if you post a picture of your engine set up. Here is a pic showing the attachment at the main engine like the way I did it.
  3. Search "panther auxiliary Motor Connector Rods" in Goggle Images and you'll see pictures of various connections. You should find a couple that would be similar to your setup.
  4. Fished up around Long Point yesterday. Got about a dozen lakers, 19" to 27" and lost a few. No silvers. Surface temps were 39.2 to 40.1. All fish caught were 70' down to 90' over 100' to 250' bottom. Also ran sets at 45' w/slider, 35' and 4 core, not one hit on them so I didn't even bother running surface stuff. Two were spoon fish and rest were on dodger/fly- rigger and dipsey. No concentration of fish anywhere we went.
  5. Okay, I don't need pulleys. Just the boom pieces. Thanks
  6. I'm looking for a couple Big Jon downrigger boom extensions to replace broken/bent ones.
  7. The last time I did this I got a spanking from the Mod's but I just can't help myself. *************** Arguing with some people is like wrestling a pig in the mud. Sooner or later you may figure out he just may like it.
  8. What size boat are we talking about?
  9. If you own a home and can get a home equity loan the interest rates are usually pretty good. The interest is also deductible.
  10. I fish Cayuga Lake and I run Spin-in-Glows behind a 8" dodger from time to time. Some days it's dead, some so-so and other days it out fishes anything else I have out....just like any other presentation. I catch mostly lakers with them but do pick up a salmon every now & then also. If your dodger/fly's slow or don't produce throw one of these out. You may be surprised.
  11. You may be getting voltage spikes that are taking the board out. If the motor is drawing to much amperage then the circuit breaker/fuse should blow. High voltage is the villain in most board failures.
  12. There is a trade-off with any of the above suggested methods. I used my 19' 140 hp merc IO runabout for 12 years with a Happy Troller trolling plate and there wasn't any issues with the lower unit (leaks or otherwise) when I sold it for a newer boat. I have a Happy Troller for sale sitting in my garage that's been upgraded for strength. Let me know if your interested and we'll discuss price.
  13. This is helpful http://www.canals.ny.gov/waterlevels/netdata/cayuga-levels.pdf
  14. My controller stays on the boat and is in a unheated barn all winter. It was installed in April, 2006.
  15. Just a reminder................. Anyone underway in a boat less than 21 feet in length anytime between November 1 and May 1 must wear a securely fastened life jacket. This includes canoes, kayaks, rowboats and motorboats Commercial vessels are exempt. NYS Nav. Law Section 40.1(e).
  16. If repairs are needed....... http://www.kingmarineelectronics.com/products.html
  17. Dave Klotz in Weedsport is as good as you'll find in the North East. Da Mar Gunsmiths 2686 East Brutus Weedsport, NY 13166 Phone: (315) 834-9156 Not sure how far that is from you but worth the trip.If you goggle him you'll get all the info you need. You can stop by Bass Pro while on your way.....
  18. Try this out,........ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=goWIYCRw6xQ
  19. Hi Stan. Make that 4 Arimas out on Sat. Fished up the lake aways. Struggled to get something going. Went 6 for 7. Best set was 260 on the dipsy with dodger & fly
  20. 8" Dodgers w/flies are vary effective as well as spinnies. Try running one of each until a pattern sets up.
  21. What ever is causing the water to green up doesn't seem to be bothering the fish bite.
  22. Mono and dipsy's don't mix . To much stretch so anything past 50' out you will start to have trouble triping the dipsy. At the depths we are fishing now the dipsy won't trip.
  23. Interesting thread. Thought I'd add my $.02. I'm thinking it's a rainbow. Caught these rainbows in Cayuga Lake in different years. A lot of similarities even thought the angles don't prove anything. Other than the big difference in the color of the pectoral fins these fish are close. The lighting and angles in all pics are different so features will come off differently. The intensity of color does vary from fish to fish also. It will be interesting to hear what DEC has to say.
  24. .....for some reason I can't get to open the pic . It opens if you download it Duh.bmp
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