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  1. Good show bud,queenston back & long drifts have really heated up the last couple days too.
  2. Yup,Owner ST-41's in #4's for bomber long A 15's,reef runners,X-raps,fastracs etc. Expensive,but they pay for themselves,especially if tourney fishing where every fish/hook up counts.
  3. A couple other SD's that are not in the catalogue.... Super Glo Wonderbread & Hawg Wild.
  4. Some guys have already been out on the inland lakes up here. Looking good for Simcoe(Cooks Bay) before Fishmas. A shot of Cooks Bay from Monday,Dec 03........
  5. The blank looks like the NK mag Aluminum flash spoon :?: :?:
  6. Funny you mention gas prices,supposed to hit $1.05/litre this coming week(currently sitting at 98 cents/litre). Just noticed the exchange rate has gone up again,$1 Cdn now = $1.07 US :shock: Only problem with that,at work we deal in US currency,so it's really hurting us bigtime :evil: :evil:
  7. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: Congrats,now the addiction begins
  8. We've been taking them on the north shore of the lake off the pierheads for the last 2 weeks............
  9. Before & after work: SpoonPullers(it's my home page) A-TOM-MIK GLA LOU AtTheOak GLF LOO A couple private forums aswell. Nights before hitting the big lake: Various(similiar to Tom): GLCFS (Transects, surf currents, Surf temps) NOAA.weather forecast Mich Coastwatch Modis imagery
  10. Good question,where do they go at night???? Fly swatters help pass the time when the bite slows down.
  11. Their called Stable Flies. They look like a smaller version of the common house fly,with light tan stripes on their rear end. They only show up on calm days,and only when your wearing shorts. They bite right through socks. Stable Flies Jeffrey Hahn, Assist. Extension Entomologist Stable fly. :Jeff Hahn: Whether you are outside at your favorite lake cabin or sitting in your backyard in town, you probably have experienced a problem with flies biting at or near your ankles. These flies, similar in appearance to house flies, are known as stable flies. Stable flies, sometimes called biting house flies or ankle-biters, are about 1/4 - 3/8th and are gray with four longitudinal black stripes on their thorax. However, while house flies have sponging mouthparts for sopping up liquid food, the mouthparts of stable flies are modified into a long, sharp bayonet-like proboscis. They feed on the blood of not only people but on many other mammals, including dogs, cattle, and horses. They are very persistent and very annoying.
  12. 50 lb Ande fluoro here,with Owner #1 ST 41 trebles. Mix 2 parts epoxy(the 24 hr),put a dab into the crotch of each treble,so Mr.King can't rotate the treble in it's mouth,and pinch your leader off.
  13. Loki nets with their coated mesh bags are popular up here,minimal scale removal. A trick I learned from off a guy up here is after the fish is lying on the floor,take your wash down pump and spray water down the Kings mouth,after a minute,the fish starts kicking,time to put him back.
  14. Excellent snubbers,ran them the last 3 yrs,no issues.
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