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  1. Yankee, You have some brown stuff on your nose! :shock:
  2. 2- Diawa Accudepth 47LC's with a full spool (900') of Ande 30lb. pink line. They were brand new July of 2006. Just Purchased 2 new SG47LC's so I'm getting rid of 2 Accudepths. $30.00 each 2- 8'6" Diawa Heartland rods rigged with a twillie tip. Use them for small wire dipsy rods. Never used them so I'm going to sell them. $10.00 each 1- Gander Mountain Guide Series 10' dipsy rod w/ twillie tip. I used this rod for a thumper rod. I'm selling it because I rarely used it and I think it is a little light for a dipsy rod. $10.00 Local Delivery or pick up only. Will only take cash or money order.
  3. Jerry, Were you a little lost down at I-bay? Nice job on the browns.
  4. Thanks Steve. I'm ready to go drop some more cash. Hopefully they will be in stores soon.
  5. For my spring brown rods, I use 12 lb. Maxima for the main line to a 10 lb. Seagar leader. I have been using the Maxima for years and love it.
  6. Nice Sturgeon Billy. What was the weight on the biggest one?
  7. I'm going with Olcott. I think the winner will be around 26.5. The winning laker will be 21lb, steelhead 16 lbs, and brown around 14 lbs. We will see how this pans out.
  8. Steve, Do you have a sneak peak at the line from Northern King for 2007? I'm ready to buy some new spoons and have not seen anything in stores or on thier website.
  9. For lakers, troll cowbells and peanuts along the bottom at 1.1 -1.7 mph (at the ball). Have the ball so it bumps the bottom every once and a while. My favorite colors are blue glow, green glow, and blue and silver.
  10. Troll large jointed rapalas along the drop offs. You can also cast spoons, musky killers and typical pike baits and do well.
  11. A condom. 2 years ago, we hooked a clump of weeds on a cheater. When I cleared the weeds, a used condom was hanging there.
  12. I have the same problem with my scuppers. I have tried new scuppers and the problem still exsists. I also had a bilge problem. The float kept sticking. I purchased an electric float switch from West Marine. This switch notices the ionization of water and turns on your pump. I have not had it fail yet. Even if it is covered by oil it will still read through the oil.
  13. Seagar is #1. I have tried every other brand mentioned in this post and nothing tops Seagar. It is a little more money but you pay for what you get. Make sure you get the leader material not the floro for spooling an entire rod. I use Seagar for trolling leaders and also for icefishing leaders. I landed a 41" northern out of Conesus lake in 2005 on 15 lb. without a steel leader. The leader was all chewed up but it was still strong.
  14. Cabela's. The bulk spool is less than $30.00
  15. I did a little research on those red mysid that are in the lake. To me, they don't sound all that bad. It looks like it will be a food source for bass, perch and browns. If you are bored, do a Google search on Red Mysid.
  16. I use Owner 3x hooks. I used to use gammy's but they would not hold up on the wire rods. I don't use the singles anymore because I noticed that it took some action away from the fly. To prevent lost fish, use 2 part apoxy in the back of the treble at the meeting point of the three hooks. This will keep the line from getting stuck in there and pulling the hook out of that derby winning king.
  17. Longline, You are the man! Sounds like things are looking up. I hope the alewive population keeps growing like it did.
  18. I would have to say the Fish finder. My luck one of the knuckleheads driving my boat would lead me into shallow water (when I was rigging) and I would hang the ball in the bottom and lose my probe. Sometimes you can tell the fishes mood by the way the fish act when the ball goes by them. With a good fishfinder you can see the fish dive away from the riggers or follow the ball. As you ALL know, those kings will show up in any water temp to feed (especially in late August and September). A good example of fish shying away from the ball was last spring fishing off of I-bay in 140 FOW. I had fish at 40' down and they kept shying away from the ball. I tired longer leads off of the riggers and the SWR rig and nothing would hit. I pulled the riggers and wire dipsys and ran 4 slide divers and boards with drop weights. We ended up with 4 steelies and 1 king in 1 1/2 hours.
  19. 911 Dispatcher at Kodak and first mate for Advocate charters. Will possibly be working on another charter in Oak Orchard this summer also.
  20. Does anyone hae the state of the lake meeting minutes from the other night? I had to work so I could not make it. If anyone has them please post them.
  21. Thanks Legacy. I just could not trust the new owners coming in at the Newport House. My buddy Jason moved out to Sandy last season and loved it. It will be fun meeting new people and finding new honey holes. At least most of the guys I talked to on the radio at Irondequoit are on this site.
  22. I have a picture of a 31" Atlantic I caught in the LOC in 1997. I will have to scan it and post it. I caught it between Webster Park and Hedges in 8 F.O.W. I will have to find the paper work from the LOC. I can't remember the weight off hand.
  23. It will be my first year out of Sandy Creek. I will miss the guys and the fishing off of I-bay.
  24. Now that I see it up close you are right. Nice fish! I did not know you could get the picture to blow up if you click on it.
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