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  1. Since the am division only gained 3-4 teams this year, they should go back to the way it was. We'll keep fishing the pro-ams but I hear of a bunch of unhappy teams that might not. Which will mean less teams in the future. It doesn't look like the tournament will get more than 35-40 am teams a year anyways. It's just about the same group of guys every year. Which is fine by me.
  2. Saturday- 1 brown in 35fow on lead, 2 10#lakers and a small king on the bottom in 90fow off the can. Sunday- 6 browns and 1 atlantic around cowsucker in 7-10fow. Chart./orange sticks on the boards and chart./orange slammers 3' down and 40' back. Hopefully something better will set up for next weekend.
  3. Half the time, you can definatly see the somerst stack fishing out of Sandy. The stack is 35 miles away! :shock:
  4. I'm not posative, but I think it's the power plant in oswego.
  5. Mikejonestkd, Everyone at sandy is on channel 72. Gambler, You'll like Sandy very much. Their isn't one bad apple that fishes there. Everyone gets along great and helps out when needed. BTW: When you get passed the blowboat marina, stay left going out of the channel into the lake. Last winter the channel gave birth to a baby sand bar. Our impeller found out the hard way. :shock:
  6. Paul, how long of a leader between the fly and doctor.? I have some but havn't tried them yet.
  7. Fished 5:45-11:45 w/ three of us. 65 keepers. Tip-downs w/ fatty.
  8. We always use it. It's a great visual of where you've been and haven't been. We also have the bottom contour feature on our unit and put together, they work great w/ each other.
  9. Yeah Jerry and I saw one guy tackle someone outside of wegmans for their bag of cans. It was getting ugly out there just to get his dammmm fish mounted!!!
  10. It's on the wall, but my dad didn't want to. We convinced him w/ alot of pushing.
  11. Thanx for the pic Jerry. It saved me some grief. Your fish was probobly taken w/ 35mil. That was also a pig fish!
  12. Holy crap batman, are you nuts! That is a sacred photo for anyone who goes fishing w/ us. Every time we set it up in the mornings, we always have a comment, huh? The electronics on the dash blush every time it's set up! Anyways, the two people in the picture would kick my asssssssssssss!
  13. 5 of us fished from 7am-3pm and took home about 65-75 perch. Biggest was 13". Mostly on minnows and a few on perch eyes. Overall it was pretty slow. We had our spurts, but it was slow most of the time. I do think the season will end up very good there.
  14. Rick, No problem. I was just taking a shot in the dark w/ that late of notice. We'll hook up sometime. Good going on Silver. It must have been fun.
  15. Fished 6:30-noonish. Between 3of us we kept around 40 keepers w/ the biggest being Rob's (Legacy) 14 incher. Tip-downs w/ fatty's and niag. Hardly anything jigging. They wern't moving around at all. The same few tip-downs did most of the fish.
  16. Jerry, I suck w/ the computer! You would think that one w/ a wife that is a sr. software eng. would know how to use this stupid thing. I will make you a deal. I will find out how to put the rainbow picture on and in turn, you will put the picture on of the winning spring laker that secured the legacy of the Rebel Fishing Team!
  17. Don't worry Rob, you'll always keep reeling in the big ones w/ us. We like "waterheads" to have fun also.
  18. 15# trilene big game between the hammerheads and the "lure of choice". I've never had a break off and the lure dances better w/ the lighter line.
  19. I stomp on mine w/ my foot. I know this is embarrasing but I really do. It works for me and I'm sure I could be the only one that does this.
  20. We have a supply of them in various colors. I can't remember the name of them. I don't deal w/ the real thing anymore. These catch fish for me just as good as the real thing.
  21. Fishlanders have turned into my favorite by far!
  22. Lake trout and Brown trout eat them from what I've read.
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