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  1. That second one looks like it should be on the cover of a magazine
  2. I’m not sure but you might want to check. I thought I was told they the blade can’t go past the tip of the arrow. I know that the regs say barbed. I just wouldn’t want to get fined on it
  3. I’ve bought a lot of beads from mad river. He is a great guy to do business with!
  4. Agree! The riggers I bought from him were like new
  5. I just got towed in last night. I gave the guy $20 and a bag full of worm harnesses. Wish it was more but that was all the cash I had on me. Luckily we were in the river and it wasn’t too far. I’ve towed a few in and would like to think any of us would do it.
  6. jeb1340

    Sold / Closed Starcraft for sale

    I’m shocked this is still for sale.
  7. jeb1340

    Sold / Closed Starcraft for sale

    Nice boat, I've seen quite a few walleye and steelhead going over those rails on the Niagara! Good luck with the sale.
  8. Might be the same issue I have. The keel gasket is bad. When no one is on the boat it takes on very little water. Put some weight in the boat and it takes on more water. Check to see if the bulge comes on when you are under power or move all the weight/people to the back. Also you might notice a drip coming from the keel when it is on the trailer. Make sure there is water in the bilge, don’t pull the plug, put it on the trailer and go back in 30 minutes to see if it is dripping. I just keep a spare bilge on the boat.
  9. Short shaft? Looks like it but can’t tell with the angle
  10. We ended up heading to Chautauqua instead. I think we ended up with 7 walleye and one musky. A friend’s 10 year old son reeled in the musky and I think he is now hooked for life! Great time on the water and hopefully we will make it to the east end soon.
  11. I’m heading up this weekend to do some pike fishing. Anyone targeting them?
  12. jeb1340

    niagara smelt

    Still a little too cold.
  13. They are currently working on the new docks. I stopped and checked it yesterday. I hope it is done by May! The water level wasn’t too bad. I thought it would have been higher. The pictures are taken from the south dock. There are new sections of docking sitting in the parking lot waiting to be installed.
  14. If you have one that you would like to part with please pm me. Thanks!
  15. Eatsleeptrout, I have to agree with you. Last year a friend asked me to keep a few brown trout for his grandfather, I kept females, used their eggs and gave the fish away. His grandfather enjoyed the fish!
  16. Sorry to hear about your son. It sounds like you made some wonderful memories. If you decide to do a derby in the future please let all of us know!
  17. Has there been any discussion about having the marketplace both Saturday and Sunday?
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