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  1. Not enough info to make a judgment. Is it Cobra? What Year?
  2. Many years ago my 12 year old son and his friends spent plenty of time "picking" j-plugs on the beaches around the dunes. They were the good ol days of recycling lost lures. Now you cannot tell the difference between a jewelry store and a sporting goods store.
  3. Thanks guys. I guess it depends on how the budget is going at that particular time
  4. I will be fishing out of Sandy Pond or the Little Salmon (Mikes Marina) depending on what we are chasing. I am also from Pa. (Wilkes Barre) I mayl have some room on board. If you re interested, e-mail me with your cell number. [email protected] Len (Desperado)
  5. I am considering a new hummingbird combo. Is the side imaging version useful on the lake and worth the extra $$$
  6. I was cleaning out some old magazines and there was a fall 2002 salmon river outdoors magazine published by -- guess who---??? The thug brothers from the Salmon River attack. Go figure!!!. Reading it closely led me to believe they had a chip on their shoulder back then also.
  7. I always had some luck in front of the Grindstone Creek near Selkirk Shores State Park. Steelhead mostly. Run between the salmon River and Grindstone. Dont disturb the guys on the pier, they can get nasty. Has always been my best bet for late season and is not too far from you
  8. Jason: I have tipped a few cold ones with Sammy (Sunshine Charters) in the good old days when Nick Riggi was running the North Sandy Pond Marina. Glad to have you aboard Len (Desperado)
  9. I also ran out of Sandy Pond very early saturday. It was still dark as I was going thru the channel. Put down at 100FOW. Put one down to 42 ft, was putting the second one down, the first was sreaming. 6 lb acrobatic steelhead. After fully setting up, trolled to 150 FOW without a release. Trolled back to 111 and had a double with 3-4 lb browns. Trolled a few more hours with only one more small brown. Not much of a morning. Tried in front of the Salmon early Sunday, but only one small steelhead. Not much boats out saturday or sunday near the pond. Only saw one boat coming out a bit after me. was probably "Bob Pugh". Hopefully the kings will be moving this way soon. LRG 355 boat name "DESPERADO" 23 sportcraft- blue trim - blue top
  10. Does anyone know of a welding shop in the Pulaski area that is capable of modifying my alum rod rack.
  11. Check out sandypondresorts.com for lodging(cabins) and marina info and other interesting items
  12. Maybe Napolitano's people were looking for the new possible security threat from the former military personnel. (as she has stated) I think it is going to be a long 4 years, hopefully not 8.
  13. Guppy35: I fish out of the pond and will hopefully get plenty of time in this weekend. Boat name is "Desperado". This will be the first time on the water this year because of too much work. I am hoping for an excellent start, the weather looks good.
  14. NDBC is the national data bouy center. It is under NOAA control. You can search it on line or call the phone # and you will get in, however that buoy is yet to be deployed. If I can figure out how to attach a link, I will. Len
  15. I neglected to mention that the buoy is retreived for the winter and put back into service in the spring. It seems this year they are running a bit late as it has not yet been redeployed. Len
  16. Tight Lines: the most useful item for me is the NDBC buoy located 20 miles north of Rochester. It is station #45012. You can access the imformation on the internet or by phone # 1-888-701-8992. I usually call before I get my coffee made in the morning. If you call, just follow the instructions and you can access wave, wind,water temp data within the last 20 or so minutes. Even though I fish out of Sandy pond, the data is very accurate. This tool is "deadly" for knowing what the conditions are previous to arriving at the dock. It has thankfully sent me "back to bed" more than once. Give it a try Len
  17. Nick: I have been fishing Ontario for 25 years and had my boat registered in Pa for 20 years and it has spent most of the season docked in Sandy Pond. I never had any problem. Lately, since I bought a cottage, I have registered the boat in NY. The trailer is still registered in PA, but I very rarely use it. It is used just to store for the winter. The fact is, boat registration is less expensive in NY, but the trailer registration is less in PA. Go figure. Len
  18. Hey Mike: I am also from NE Pa., Wilkes Barre to be exact. I've been fishing Ontario since the mid 80's and I am addicted. I try to get to Sandy pond every weekend in spring/summer. There are many people from NE Pa (W-B, Scranton, Hazleton) fishing in this area. I fish out of Sandy Pond, which is just south of Henderson. My boat is a Sportcraft 230 fisherman called "Desperado". I am sure you will be wandering a few miles south in the spring. Try me on the radio. Len (LRG355)
  19. Dave: I can understand your anticipation of a good fishing trip when you return. My son just finished about 9 years in the Navy, most of which was aboard a forward deployed Carrier. He was very anxious to re-live some of his memories as a 12 year old in the late 80's pulling in massive salmon from the "power plant" to Sandy Pond. I fish out of Sandy Pond, which is just a few miles south of you. You are always welcome aboard my boat. I have a camp on Sandy Pond and could always use another person on board. Give me a shout when you return. Thank you for the sevrvice and STAY SAFE !!! LRG355 (DESPERADO - 23` SPORTCRAFT)
  20. Ray: Did they steal the Old Town you just bought from me???? Len
  21. 17 Foot OLD TOWN Canoe. Red fiberglass with wood interior accessories. Like new. 2 new paddles. Sandy Pond Area. $200. SOLD!!
  22. I've been fishing the Mexico Bay area for 25 years and have seen the good/bad cycles come and go. We are in a mediocre cycle as you do not see many boats around you with fish on. I fished very hard from 8/23 thru 8/30 and caught a slightly less than normal amount of fish for my vacation. I did fish hard and long for every one. Next year will be better- keep the faith. As I fish alone many times, I stick to the basic stuff with downriggers. Can't handle dipsies, copper, lead core, when I am alone. Basics and persistance eventially pay off. I hit em well on Sunday eve in about 76 ft of water off the high rocks. All came on spin doctors with atomic flies of the riggers. Alone, I sometimes get doubles and get them both in, that is lots of fun. Desperato: (23 ft Sportcraft-blue top and trim) out of Sandy Pond
  23. Years ago I towed my boat with a camper from PA every weekend. I found that I could park the whole rig at the Salmon Country Marina for a reasonable daily rate. For the next few years I drove up in the car, parked the car at the marina, took the boat to the state ramp at Mexico Bay and I was a "happy camper"
  24. We call 'em VAMPIRE FLIES. I know they just laugh at commercial repellants.
  25. Looking for area to store empty boat trailer for the season. Sandy Pond, Pulaski area. Farm field or similar would be sufficient. Just trying to get them out of the yard at the camp as grass cutting is painful enough when the fish are biting. Moving trailers constantly is even more painful
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