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  1. I have a bunch of them hardly used that I'll sell you. 2 different sizes and good colors. When I get a chance I'll post a pic and a price. Total Chaos
  2. Thanks guys. Took a guy from work and it was his first time ever on the lake and it was the first fish of the day. I don't think he will beat that one for a while. He's hooked now and came back up and fished Monday. That day was more like reality with 6 mid 20's Kings. It was quite stressful watching the board every day to see if we would get bumped out. Glad we didn't. It is hard to believe we finally won it. It's been a great experience to say the least. Choo-Choo I'm glad you wished the win on me. Brian
  3. I'm selling my Trophy, here's the details: 2006 Trophy 2302 2006 Mercury 225 Verado with Smart gauges 2006 Karavan trailer, tandem axel, tandem brakes Garmin 498 graph (color) Garmin GPS FishHawk X-4 Jensen am/fm/cd-awesome sound has remote VHF 4 rocket launchers on the hard top. The 8 launchers aren't there anymore because it was to hard to reach them. However there's 4 on each side of the hardtop that aren't in these pics. That makes 12 holders on the roof. 2 rodholders for copper on the transom 2 clamp on rodholders on each bow rail for planer board fishing Sink Fridge Portapotty with pump out Shower on the transom Raw water washdown Cockpit lights Wipers Full enclosure Shorepower Battery charger Trim tabs Has 2 Cannon Mag 10 HS 2 Big Jon Quads 2 Big Jon Planer reels Motor still under warrantee until June of 2014 I think. It's sometime next year. This motor sips gas. Some examples are; last trip out I ran 12 miles north, trolled 7 hours and then ran 12 miles back on 12 gals of gas. For a normal spring BT trip I run to Catfish troll 6 hours and back to the Little Salmon river on 8 gals. It has a fuel management system so this is accurate. If you are familar with smart gauges you know that it has troll mode and you can change the rpm's by 10 at a time from either your tach or speedo. excellent speed control for trolling. Smart gauges monitor every mechanicall asspect. This is an awesome boat and I'm only selling because I'm moving up. $26000 with everything or $25000 without the riggers and quad holders. I would really like the riggers and holders but understand you might want the boat fully rigged. This is turn key and in a slip on the Little Salmon river right now and will be there until the 2nd week of Sept. I will winterize it for free if you buy it at the end of the season. Actually the dealer will. This boat has been dealer maintained from day 1. It has 421hrs on it. I also have a full canvas cover for trailering or storage. It covers the whole boat, hardtop, motor everything. I wouldn't run it faster than 55mph though. Any questions let me know. Brian Total Chaos
  4. The fish you ask about was a tagged Laker. The tag is in the nose and the DEC guys cut the nose off to keep.
  5. I was also out Sun. Great day for us. 9 for 13 with 6 Kings to 24lbs and 3 Lakers to 18lbs. Thru back the biggest Laker and a shaker King. Flasher/fly off the riggers and dipsys were the best. 135-200fow. 60-120 down. Most everything I put down took fish. I also went thru the creel check and as of about 12:45 they had checked 29 boats and the most anyone brought in was 3 fish and most of those were Lakers. They did check a 26lb King. They also checked 2 charters and the best had 8 fish. Here's a few pics.
  6. I don't know where they're being made but they are Baha Cruisers and www.happydaysboating.com is selling them. Total Chaos
  7. Baha is not closed. They had a fire and had to rebuild but they are infact in business and producing some nice rigs for 2013. Total Chaos
  8. I heard the same thing for 2012 and they still made boats for 2012. Maybe this time it's true. Total Chaos
  9. Try napa, they have an extensive marine catalog. That's pretty old but it wouldn't surprise me if they could get it. Total Chaos
  10. I saw a lot of open docks last year down there. Total Chaos
  11. Chrome dipsy w/green dots and DW green oversize ring, UV green w/ same DW ring on sunny days. Black or watermelon sometimes. Early or overcast I use black w/ glow dots, black DW ring, glow dipsy w/green dots glow DW ring or the same UV green as above. Total Chaos
  12. I also bought a motor that was in salt water. a 225 Merc Verado. I've had it 3 years and no problems. Looks like new. Not only did it come from salt, it was moored in salt. It all depends how how well it was taken care of. Total Chaos
  13. Let's see now, you replied at 6:52pm on the day I posted the add(the 28th). At 2:00pm the day I posted the add(the 28th) I got a private message thru LOU from a member saying he would take the flies. So if I'm correct 2:00pm beat 6:52pm. I'm sorry. I sell my stuff as fairly as possible. As in this case first come first serve. I'd be happy to post the private message if you don't believe me. Total Chaos
  14. I have 25 Atommik Fly's for sale. 5 white hammer, 5 that look like green hammers with white in them, 4 fish-on fly's, 3 blue crown, 1 hammer live, 2 vision quest live, 1 watermelon, 3 no namers and 1 powder blue/flat chart.. Only 7 have seen water. $35 shipped. Total Chaos
  15. That's good for there. We usually go with 5 or more guys/gals, and if 2 of us pull a legal Laker that's a good day. Biggest we ever caught was a 24" Laker and a 25" Salmon. Maybe the lake is starting to come back. Total Chaos
  16. I run 30lb power pro backing with my 2 color core on a Okuma Convetor cv20. Works great for Browns on an Ugly Stik ultra light 7ft casting rod. Total Chaos
  17. I haven't been there in a few years because the icefishing really dropped off. You'll be lucky if you pull a legal Laker out of there and the Salmon are just about non-existing. Fishing pressure is intense as well. To me it's not worth the effort and the drive. However the Lakers will cooperate. Try hunt baits or smelt if you can get them. Light leaders and size 10 trebles worked good. You can jig them up as well. Salmon, if there's any in there, will be just under the ice to about 15ft down. Same rigs and bait will take them. Good luck Total Chaos
  18. 180ccf, I also have a Trophy Pro 2302. Probably why I can get down to 1.4mph with 25hp less than you. I think my boat is slow on top end. What speed do you get at 5000rpms. My WOT is 5800 rpms and 29mph. My mechanic thinks I should run a 17p prop but I don't want to sacrifice the low end power and the trollability. I'm just trying to find out what other Trophy owners get for performance. Thanks Total Chaos
  19. The weather channel this moring was showing 20-22ft waves along the south shoreline with widespread flooding. 70mph wind gusts. Rivers would be backed up and the bays would also flood. I was surprised to see the weather channel taking time to cover the great lakes and what looks like will be a big mess up there. Total Chaos
  20. I've been trolling for 3 seasons now with a 225 Verado. I've got a 13p mirage prop and I can get down to what you want. However if there's a good breeze blowing, sometimes I have to pull a bag. Those Verados are simply an amazing motor. Troll 6-10hrs a day and then hit the throttle and buzz back home. Great on gas, quiet and so far no major problems. Couldn't be happier with it. Total Chaos
  21. I'd want a Luhrs 290 Open with twin diesel IB's. Big heavy boat with lots of room in the back. Total Chaos
  22. Congrats to Cam and Dad. Awesome feeling for both of you. I remember when I took my nephew and he got his first bow buck, memories for a lifetime. Great shot as well. My nephew also took a 4 point for his first buck. He followed it up the following year with a 9 point. So Cam, next kill a slammer next year and dad keep the camera rolling cause we all like to share in the memories. I have a 5 year old daughter that's been shooting her bow in preperation for when she can hunt. Can't wait. Total Chaos
  23. It's been 3 weeks now and we're all still adjusting to life without Tugger. Dozer seems as lost as us some days. I had a nice mural made from this past summer at the lake. Sitting by the Grindstone creek, me, Tugger and Dozer. I feel for you with your loss and I know we both will have to face another tough day at some point. Hope it's later than sooner. Total Chaos
  24. Ok, here's the pic. The flasher is the original version then the tape was the second version. You can see the green is see-thru because it appears shinny green on the flasher but a light green on the paper because of the white backing. The other tape is a uv tape. They make that in see-thru and white backed. The meat market has the white backed uv tape. If you want them look for them in the spring. My moto is, buy salmon stuff in the spring and brown trout stuff in the fall. If you wait until the salmon season to get them you won't get them. All Seasons had them but 3 weeks ago when I was there they didn't have any. Fat Nancy had plenty of them plus they have just the tape kits. Little Jons had them as well. Call one of those shops and see if they have them and pay with a credit card and have them shipped to you. Hope this clears it up for you. Total Chaos
  25. Dodgers are still available. Most are new and never been in the water.
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