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  1. I had a great transaction with Landshark too. Sorry to hear you had some communication issues. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. Fleas are at a medium level. Definitely 30lb test needed. This hot weather will make them much worse. Weeds have been my enemy. Need some steady winds to blow them away.
  3. Be sure to get a two cylinder. That will rule out the six most likely. A single cylinder will vibrate just like your two-smoke.
  4. The Sutton logo (777) is the third generation logo. This is thought to be when John Stafford purchased the tooling to make Sutton’s. Generation 1 Scott R. Sutton 1864-1911 Generation 2 George Wells 1911-1929 Generation 3 John Stafford 1930-? Generation 4 John, Jack and Jeanne Stafford (It is rumored that John or Jack had a hard time hand stamping the spoon numbers in the center of the logo so they redesigned the logo to make stamping spoon numbers more efficient) Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  5. Here is a 77 that has the mark of a third seven. The spoon is the shape of an 88 (see third picture for comparison) but slightly smaller. I had never noticed the third 7. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  6. Nearest launch would be Treman state park in Ithaca Next closest would be Meyers Park in a Lansing Taughannock state park has a low bridge to get under. You might not be able to get under. I would avoid After that you would need to head a ways north to Deans Cove on the west side and long point on the east
  7. Lakers in shallow and suspended out deep. Some small salmon. A few browns around that have been small to medium sized. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  8. Cayuga Pike - 5/24/20 - non targeted catch and release - stickbait destroyed
  9. My favorite online source is: https://www.simyamaha.com/
  10. Nice...great variety of fish in that lake!
  11. walnut you have a PM Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  12. I like to stay on the West side coming out of Deans Cove. I often hit the middle for a while when I make the turn up north or down south. The East side straight across for me is either super hot or next to nothing so it can definitely be worth at least a try. Laker fishing on the East side is typically good to very good out front of Wells College, just north of Long Point State Park.
  13. There are 4 Generations of the Sutton stamping. Your lure is 4th gen (modern). It is reasonably recent although I have not seen one like it. You might want to check to see if the bead is glass or plastic. Glass would definitely date it earlier. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. Gang hooks were not uncommon. (Scott R Sutton applied for a Gang Hook patent in 1908) https://tinyurl.com/sfr6s59 Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. It is likely pre 1936 due to the style of swivel on it. Here is a 1936 ad with box swivels and the circular Sutton stamping Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  16. I would visit the store on my way to business meetings just south of Buffalo. During one visit Jim took a liking to me because I was setting up a Seth Green rig. That visit was truly magical. Jim took me to a bunch of little drawers and introduced me to a few of the secret weapon lures I depend on to this day. He said “44’s are good, but” and taught me why some of the others were “good” too. I will always remember the wry smile and sparkle in his eye when he was talking about things he knew and loved. Unique and great person. Speaking for all Finger Lakes fishermen and women...we will miss him and remember him fondly.
  17. I agree with Sk8man that the Angler Diaries are not much more than a sampling of a group of anglers on the lakes. It is a great bit of information, it just does not represent ALL the anglers on the lakes. Just as an example, a few years ago I concentrated on LL Salmon because we had a banner year for them. My report would have shown lots of Salmon, little or no Browns, Rainbows or Lake Trout. It plus others like me who target a flourishing species, will skew the diary numbers an enormous amount given the sample size. The following year I was lucky if I could find very, very few Salmon, so I switched to a different species to target. Since I was targeting non Salmon species my previously huge Salmon report went to near zero. That would be an under representation of Salmon just because I chose not to specialize on them. I am sure there were Salmon out there, they would not be making it to my diary. Back to the original topic of this post, we need to give a boom or bust a few years to truly tell us how we may want to adjust stocking and take limits. Mother nature deals the cards...we can aid the processes through policy. I doubt we can force too much of a quick change in the balances, I think our policy role is to control the damage we can inflict on that balance of nature rather than to try to fully control the actual balances that exist year to year. (But if you wanted my opinion 2 bows and 2 browns would work just fine)
  18. Doris, Your legacy lives on. My local canvas guy loves your Bag Lady downrigger covers. They are still going strong after MANY years of use. Best purchase ever! This post is dedicated to those who knew Doris and Earl when they ruled the lake for so many years...
  19. Used the smoke trail to predict lake conditions for many years. I will miss that!
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