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  1. Boots are needed now. This sucks, two out of the last 3 years.
  2. Take a look at this. I have it in my barn, about 300 ft from the house, works great. You could put it inside the boat. It's battery powered. http://www.chamberlain.com/clicker-and-accessories/wireless-accessories#wireless-motion-alerts Also my barn has motion detectors inside and out.
  3. If you trailer a boat or water-related equipment like docks and lifts in Minnesota, you must take AIS training and get a trailer decal. Online training will be available here on January 5, 2015. Paper home-study training packets will also be available. Trailer decals are required on trailers starting July 1, 2015. Rest the rest here: http://www.trailers.mndnr.gov/
  4. What Go Pro are you using? And how are you mounting it on the cannon ball? For editing try Windows Movie Maker, it comes with most Windows. Then post it on YouTube. Then the link here.
  5. The salmon and trout in eighteen mile creek (Burt & Olcott) came from the lake. Don't eat any fish that has stayed in the creek all year. That would be bass and pike, ect.
  6. I drive threw a manned lane, tell them I have a trailer, and they wave me on.
  7. It is floating barrels in lake Erie between Buffalo and Ft. Erie at the head of the Niagara river. It is meant to stop the ice from going down the river and into the power generators.
  8. This is the ice boom: http://wnyoutdoors.blogspot.com/ You can see it better in the day light.
  9. I run 12# on my Sub Troll rigger and 10# on the other rigger. Works fine that way.
  10. Here is a good site for the river and Olcott. Also water levels, and more. http://wnyoutdoors.blogspot.com/
  11. I was asked once by some someone from the Detroit area the same thing, when Lake Superior does freeze. Lake Superior is further north and is colder to begin with. For your question, I think it's up-welling. But it gets cold enough long enough it will freeze. Check this link: http://www.mynewwaterfronthome.com/greatlakesfreeze.aspx
  12. The big question is; how much ice will there be on lake Erie? That will determine when the Ice Boom comes out. Back in the 80s we had lot's of ice coming down the river at the end of April. Then a west wind blew it past Wilson. Cold water, but we did catch fish.
  13. I drove by there a few days ago, saw zero boats on the water. Two guys on the west pier fishing and people fishing IN the boat launch. Last week Bert dam parking lot was filled.
  14. >>Brown said. "In order to drive a sports car, which can go well over 100 mph, you have to take a course and be licensed. But if you have a boat 50 to 70 feet long that can go up to 70 mph, and you don't have to demonstrate any skill in operating it."<< Since when? Make it for new boat owners, grandfather in the rest. NY state-----license and regulate everything.
  15. From my cottage at Olcott harbor, waves coming over the east pier at times. Larger boats out, many smaller (21 ft and less) boats turning around when they get to the lake and coming back in. I talked to some at the boat launch, they say it's not worth it, bouncing around. IMO, the boat can handle it but the people can't.
  16. Lighthouse Motel 1564 Van Buren St, Olcott, NY ‎ (716) 778-7270 Plus he has room to park your boat and truck. You can walk to the launch.
  17. Check blog for details. http://wnyoutdoors.blogspot.com/ Three planer boards sets (6 boards total ), and two mast.
  18. I should have named mine Christine, like the film: http://wnyoutdoors.blogspot.com/
  19. It makes boating / fishing unpleasant when you're always looking over your shoulder for the Coast Guard. Does the Coast Guard work inland lakes? I'v been fishing the finger lakes when the DEC was checking everyone.
  20. I still don't know why the Coast Guard (a military branch) is not guarding the coast but instead is checking PFD's and fire extinguishers, leave that to the local law.
  21. Doesn't a 19 ft boat have level foltation?
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