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  1. Bottom coho is a king -- look for spots on bottom of tail Nice haul, the brown fishing has been very good!!-- big kings are stacked up at the oak in 50 - 60 fow MOONSHINE ratchet jaws have been supper hot!
  2. Sure with they would close the LO tribs from Dec. 1 to April 1 to give the spawners a chance. Snagging and harassment of spawning fish should not be allowed.
  3. One good thing about a waiver is it may protect you against a small claim because the person will/may think: "I signed a waiver, i can't sue for the hook in my chin" so the lawyer is never called and end of story. On the other hand if that hook took a eye out the person will most likely be contacting the lawyer and game over. Best bet, get insured, discuss this question with your agent and be careful. If you decide not to get insured please stay on the east side of the lake so Glenn can deal with you!!!
  4. Spoons are great, very forgiving. They all work from the slow troll suttons and evil eye to rip snorting pirate 66's at 4mph. The last several years I have been fishing with 80% Moonshines, while I have several hundred of them, I find myself using the same 15 all the time and they have lasted. 100% made in USA The most durable lure I own is a NK 28 in black and white, with the window lure pattern, it has fished every season since 1987 and has outlasted many hooks and splitrings. I will say the stingers are great lures, but rarely do the paint jobs hold up past a limit or two of fish. Dreamweavers are great and will last longer than the Stingers, but I am not a fan of the company -- they seem to be more imitatiors than innovators when it comes to spoons, I think the superslims are their most innovative but the pait does not last on them. The best advice on spoons is to become profecient with a handful of them, know what colors to run and when to run them. Then suplement your regular offerings with the HOT spoon of the port/year/day/species. [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  5. How do I get out of mobile edition -- i am using my laptop and the mobile edition is not good [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  6. Heading up to check it out around noon -- before sons football game in Albion. I'll try to get some Pt. Breeze pics!!!
  7. The old salts who fished Point Breeze in the '70's, '80's and early '90's will remember "Grazzo" -- a fixture at the docks infront of the Black North. Capt. Ron ran Surfari Charters out of his 24 foot Stamos for many years and was one of the original captains from the early era of charter fishing on Lake Ontario. He retired from fishing in the mid '90's to devote more time to his real passion - waterfowl hunting. One day he decided he did not want to hunt any more and spent the rest of his life managing his own private marsh to provide habitat for nesting birds. A special place in our hearts will be empty with the passing of this good friend!!
  8. You may want to try a HOYT know a lot of mathews guys that feel they have upgraded to a HOYT.
  9. John, Any place between Buffalo and Dunkirk to get minnows?
  10. Ray -- You must be getting old and wearing down!!!!
  11. Need a GM 454 Reverse Rotation Engine .............. that can be rebuilt. OR Long block OR Crate motor OR any other configuration that can replace my blown GM 454 Call Carl @ 716-560-2878 Thanks!!
  12. I studied for a week walked in to the coast guard office took the test and walked out with a license. Oh, and I had experience, that might have helped, but you can buy a license at any of the places listed above.
  13. Has the lake been straight at all this August??? Not here!!!
  14. Blew a rod through the side of the block on my GM big block, anyone know where a guy can get a rebuild that will go another 15000 hours?
  15. Caught more fish with the Dirty Dancing soundtrack than any other music grouping -- try it!!
  16. Thanks for the reporting Skipper! The action was a 10+ yesterday. It was even better out at the 31 line the fish were huge out there several 30# + boated in the deeper water. Glow spoons were the ticket for the big guys, both the ghost and the MOONSHINE Razor Burn. Wish I had the phone and time to report like you and Nick!!!
  17. You may also want to target browns many around good size and great actoin [ Post made via iPhone ]
  18. 50 pound power pro is good, 30 pound wire is good, I fished 2 seasons (200+ trips) and found either to be equally efficacious. I have been using wire this season and will for the next several cause I bought 4/1000 ft spools for $10 each [ Post made via iPhone ]
  19. Go to sodus.......or sandy.........too many boats at the oak thick as fleas on power pro!!
  20. I hate any kind of spray or lotion on my skin. Here is what I do, I wear Bass Pro Shops lifetime socks. They are too thick for the fly to bite thru and in combination with a pair of goretex sneakers they are keep my feet well cushioned. Some days the feet get warm and most days I look like a geek, but i do not get bit!!! Six pairs will last you a lifetime, I just take them back to BPS every 6 months for new ones!!
  21. There should be some basic guidelines as to what a tweet should have. 1 -- The first tweet of the day should include where the boat is fishing 1a - lake conditions 2 -- Where the temp/bait/fish are 3 -- What colors/lures are working If you want to tell us about your fish, last nights date, how drunk you are, what kind of food you are eating do that in tweets 4-10
  22. Just a thought -- if us fishermen get hassled why not the sail boats? Sure they are going point to point but if they are sailing and not going in a straight line to check in wouldn't that be in violation. After all they could cross the border, lower sail and cruise straight to port - check in the go back out for a sail. Sailing is a "Sport" just like fishing is a "Sport" (well not just like but, we will leave that alone for now). Perhaps the US customs could start stopping CN sailboats fine them -- better yet take their boats -- and wish them a good day ay?!! Why is it us Americans paying the price for "Homeland Security" both in this country and in canada?(sic)
  23. I checked out my profession and my wife's profession -- both with jobs available BUT......... about a $47,000 pay cut between the 2 of us --- NO THANKS!!! Our taxes may be high -- but not that high -- plus how big are the fish there?? You would think that pay would be higher to attract employess -- think again -- Alaska looks better - warmer - higher pay - bigger fish!!!
  24. Hey Rod, I'm interested -- do they (CN Customs) drive around with a portable credit card machine like a couple of modern concert gypsys(no offence to the gypsys)? I fish the upper niagara several times a year and I was thinking of fishing the St. Lawrence in the fall, I was going to buy a CN license just-in-case -- but........ I think I will spend my money on a chartplotter that shows me the line and stay in the US waters. My trip to Toronto with the wife -- CANCELLED My 3-5 trips to Niagara Falls View for dinner --- CANCELLED The family trip to NF CN water park -- CANCELLED I think I will go to Mexico ...... Fish are bigger there anyway!!
  25. This incident is crazy -- almost makes you want to run the short distance back to US waters, call US border control and let the 2 agencies sort it out. How many 70 hp Johnsons do I need on my 16 footer to out run the border patrol with 1200 HP?
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