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  1. In a creek behind my parents house we used to find them all the time as well as Port Bay swimming as kids they would be around the docks. Cant remember if we ever cracked them open or not. most were in the 3-4 inch range. never that big.
  2. Yet so nice to just hop in and go without waiting in a line to get in or out.
  3. Want to make my own and saw an article on here before but couldn't find it. Just curious as to what material is best to use. Thanks ahead of time.
  4. 10s are best for 10a's. I prefer black but some will say otherwise.
  5. The marketplace was definitely weak this year. That place was packed last year.
  6. Do you happen to have any replacement netting?
  7. Wow! what a beauty. Wish I was in the market. To my knowledge Pro hunters were mainly single screw I thought. G
  8. Free make sit even better. Didn't get to fish this last year due to unforeseen circumstances but I cant wait for this year.
  9. There are so many names I would like to call you right now but I don't want to get edited. Awesome Job!
  10. Its winter? huh. I didn't realize that
  11. Fishing the canal probably 10 years ago with a buddy we were casting stick baits at the spill way in palmyra where I hooked a 20 pound one right in the lips. Thought we had on a huge pike. Got a good laugh when we got it in.
  12. According to my grandfather he supplied some of the metal for the originals back in the day. Probably explains why I got so many NK's from him. Not complaining one bit! That blank produces year in and year out. All the new flashy stuff does its job but them old NK's really hold their own. Silver with green diagonal tape always finds it way in somewhere.
  13. I don't do the spring derby because of the length. The other two I do.
  14. No meat. Not worth it. Invest your money in other areas
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