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  1. Thanks for the report, we didn't get out because weather was sketchy on thunderstorms, now wish we did! Great job, thanks for posting.
  2. Great video, it's amazing to see all the fish that you never knew even hit your set-ups.
  3. Actually fought more like a king, never jumped once! Probably why I actually landed it, lol.
  4. We came in and saw all the boats fishing tight, we wondered how they did, thanks for the report
  5. Great report Chris, thanks for all the help and reports this year. Stay in touch Tomy
  6. Went out this morning with my buddy Eric on his Scout and my brother, both Eric and I are in the LOC but my brother had not signed up...that would prove to be a mistake! We set up in 150 FOW and trolled North. We would not take any hits until we reached 400 FOW. 400 to 500 FOW was the best action. We took some nice 12-14# kings and some nice steelhead. The fish of the day was a huge steelhead that weighed 16.49# on the digital scale but because my brother did not enter the LOC we could not enter! What a beautiful fish! Temperature down 88' over 400 FOW was 53 degrees. Every rod took shots and it was great action but everyone needed to be out early so we pulled lines at 9:30. Set ups that worked: Kevorkian DW - 68' rigger NBK Stingray - 88' rigger UV Crab face - 300 copper UV Two Face FF - 240 Dipsey Marv's Big Fatty FF - 390 Dipsey We ended the day 8 for 9, 4 kings, 5 steelhead. Good luck to all and Happy Labor Day! Tomy
  7. Dan you are on fire out there, great work. Thanks for the report.
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