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  1. I read some place that the grouse where getting hit with a disease similar to west Nile, started a few years back and spreading through the population killing them as it go's. the western N.Y, area has been hit hard I'am not sure how far East it go's if its hitting the Adirondacks area.
  2. Great shoot, I always want to do it, just don't have all the gear, do you use crow and owl decoys or hit a cut corn field where they have been feeding?
  3. A friend of mine has a new Lund and where the window turns and comes down the side of the boat it acted like a magnifying glass and on a bright sunny day malted his black dash in one spot, the lund rep. told him that it was not under warranty and that he should have put a damp towel there to keep it from melting. you cant make this stuff up! I am with Gator I would get a Lawyer involved.at this point.
  4. Hooked upf7 who is the dealer and why are they not fighting for you, the dealer should be YOUR go between and if it is a warranty problem the dealer should be fighting for you to get it fixed . I had a Bayliner 2452 classic that I bought new I had the boat 4 years and it had a baseball size spider web crack on the bottom where a bulkhead was pushing on the hall and any time the boat hit a wave it would hammer the hall from the in side, I took the boat in for winterizing and the service manger saw it and said we are keeping your boat they called the factory and with in Two weeks was on its way back to Bayliner for a new hall. I had my boat back in time for spring. This has gone on way to long and the dealer should be steeping up to help. I now own a starcraft supper fisherman that I bought new and love that boat have had zero problems with it, you should never have to call the factory or any reps. that is the dealers job. BUT I will tell you this if ITs one day out of warranty they will not fix it at there cost.
  5. The battery and bulbs store will rebuild the batteries for about half the price of a new one, and they seem to hold a charge longer.
  6. LongSpurs, is that apple spice, they love apple spice.
  7. wac' em broadhead for crossbows, flys like a field point. check out there web sight. cant say enough about them.
  8. I tried the peppermint oil, the only thing I got where mice with great smelling breath. don't use the small mouse pellet poison any place they will store that stuff every place they can. I put out a bunch of poison blocks out side the barn every week , trying to kill as many as I can.
  9. I agree, the regs. have NOT keeped up with the invasive species.
  10. Try Jim ( A.K.A fish killer ) at ultimate outdoors {ph 7167965372. he is mostly on the lake Erie united sight but can set you up with what ever you need at a good price. But if you want to set it up your self, pm me and I can walk you through it.
  11. Nice Job, he will be hooked now, if you want to have some fun try a bass trip on Erie they fight hard and you can get a lot of hits. remember try to get Mom back in the game and have fun.
  12. Take a deep breath and relax , this is supposed to be fun. Take care of mom, do what you can to stop her from getting sick, she need to be part of the time out there also, so pick the better weather days. As far as the kids have them bring there electronic games to keep the busy ,tell you yell fish on. Also target smaller fish like cohos, browns and even lakers and work up from there a 15 lb King can be a hand full. at 4 years old all fish look big. been there done that , enjoy the time as a family it go's buy fast. and if you lose some fish so what , there will be another one along soon. above all have fun.
  13. Good luck Aaron, smooth sailing, where is catfish creek camp ?
  14. O Boy, now you have done it, now no one is going to catch a walleye .forgive us mighty walleye gods. I remember not so long ago.getting 2 walleyes was a good day. man are we spoiled.
  15. DeParch, nice looking blinds. where and how can you get them.
  16. I remember my first eslo derby , it was the year they had the grady up to win. a friend took me down there in his 16 foot boat we put in at Olcott the cars with boats were backed up across the bridge, took hours to get in the water I said I would never do this again this was nuts. we hooked up with a big king and lost it at the boat. I was hooked. I well never forget that fish, it cost me around $100,000 in gear and boats jut to yell fish on. I would do it all over in a heart beat and still do. come on spring !!
  17. Thanks Legacy, you are spot on, copper is a great tool for walleye and salmon. we have been fishing it for many years now for both we fish 32 lb blood run copper for both. as far as backing go's you are right 30lb is not our choice also, we were using 65 lb. power pro line, but now run 65 Kastking line also a braid works great at half the cost. To all the walleye guys give it a go, you can run it on the same rods and reels you use your leadcore on. The only thing you need to to watch is letting it out, slow is the way to go and the reel clicker is your friend. think of it as lead core on steroids. good luck, FinLander Charters
  20. stoneam most people think when you run, say mono back off a board to a crank bait the line will go down. if you are running 100 feet back about 60 feet will be near the surface then down to the bait. so of you run say the longest line inside next shortest and last shortest like we do for copper the outside line will come in to the longest line not go over top like you would think. if your running copper or lead core then yes deeper longer line to the inside.
  21. trees will work well with copper I run them on my smaller boat with copper, we run depending on what depth we want to get down to and how many people are on the boat. example 300 copper 200 copper, diver and rigger other side maybe 250 copper 150 diver and rigger.
  22. long line to the out side just the opposite as running lead core or copper.Lance Valentine from walleye 101 go's into good detail of why, has a lot to do with how the line floats up. pick up copy or google his DVD crank bait crazy. has a lot of great info on mono on boards
  23. Jim and Charile {Buck stops here taxidermy} are the best, they have done dozens off mounts for me and all of them are outstanding, they go that extra mile to make you happy and all there mounts are work of art right down to the fine details. if you live in the area stop by and see there show room very cool. Charile is one heck of a duck hunter also.
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