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  1. take a look also at the wac"em broad heads they are great, no tuning fly like a field point and strong, I have killed a lot of deer with them. go to there web sight I think you will like what you see.. hope this helps
  2. Thanks Gambler that was the problem I was having, no blood trail and the the deer would go 500 yards or more I had the same problem with the T/C shock wave.
  3. I need some advice on a good bullet for a 50 cal muzzle loader. I stopped hunting with a muzzle loader about 6 years ago, long story but all the deer I shot with it would take of running and all but two of the eight where ever found. I had a doe at 35 yards and shot her she ran for about 35 yards hit the ground and after about 5 min got up and started walking away shot her one more time she went down and got right back up, so I shot her a 3rd time, and went down for good. all three shoots went right next to the front leg med deer. that was the last one I shot. I took the gun home and put it away till now my son want to do some muzzle loader hunting this season but I don't know. here is what I was shooting 100 gr. triple 7 and a 250 gr. power belt with the green tip, I also tried Thompson center shock wave 250 gr. the accuracy was great just not happy with the end results on deer. all the deer where shot at or inside of 40 yards and where easy shots. any thoughts or input.
  4. That must be the problem i have no morels.
  5. For us its, 75 copper, 150 copper, diver and a rigger. other side 150 copper 250 copper, diver and a rigger. if I need I will set one more diver on each side. the copper will change depending on where the fish are and water temp. also a Barbie fishing pole with 400 copper
  6. we use 50lb braid. go on line and look at kast king power braid cheaper then power pro and stronger I have be using it for year now and it holds up great. we use a Albright knot and a drop of super glue. stay away from cabelas braid its junk.
  7. Quick, get the ice fishing gear back out.
  8. There pulling the ice boom on Erie today, the DEC said that there was very little smelt in the lower river because of the cold water coming out of Erie and all the ice there. maybe after the ice has gone it will be good.
  9. Thanks Whaler, cant wait looks like it will be a wet one. I got the hut all set up so for the most part we will be dry
  10. cant wait, its the first spring on the new farm taking my boy out for the youth hunt. his first turkey hunt
  11. Hookedup, what was the cause of the problem did they ever say.
  12. No Salmonite , I have not tried the plot start but I will be just got a shipment in, so this spring its going on hope it works.
  13. Salmonite, go to the Deer Gro web site and look at there products one is called plot start you mix it with water and spray it on to adjust the PH the web site will give you all the info. trying them for the first time my self. There is a company on cregs list Buffalo under farm equipment that sells liquid calcium to adjust the PH also. and right now tractor supply has pelletized lime for 3 for $9.00. hope this helps
  14. My two boys also,enjoy it go's by fast.
  15. A men to that brother, I am with you 100 %.
  16. Whaler, don,t take what I said wrong I am 100% on the same side. I hunt and fish also I hunt coyotes, and shot more then a few chucks but the DEC is setting us up to be the bad guys. you know what this is going to look like when it gets on the news, ask the DEC why they stopped Destroying the cormorant eggs and nests, it was because of the pressure they got from animal rights people and there big money backers and the news. I am on your side and will kill as many cormorants as I can, just tired of hunting getting a bad rap let the DEC take the heat .
  17. Don't take this wrong, I think as many cormorants you can take out the better, they are way out of control and I have seen the damage they can do but with all the anti hunting and animal rights people out there seeing us kill them it makes us out to be the bad guys. The DEC let them get out of control and should be the ones getting the BAD press for killing them. Think about how many guys got hammered on this sight alone for killing crows or coyotes or wood chucks, please by all means kill as many cormorants as possible, I will also. but be ready to take the heat. its not aways about killing for food its some times for population control, like it or not.
  18. The lake Erie walleye site( not lake Erie united ) go to the reports and forms the to the western lake Erie
  19. Save the gas and by a starcraft from Bow and Stern cant beat it. Now you can brake out the popcorn.
  20. True story My 12 year old son was on was on the school bus last year and he was talking with his friend about fishing for cat fish in the back yard, that mid morning I got a phone call from the Principal saying that a girl in the seat behind them found it offensive that they where catching fish for dinner.and they would have to stop talking about fishing on the bus. I contacted a friend who is a attorney and we went into see the principal and explained freedom of speech. and how he and the school will be sued. Is this what we want to only be able to talk hunting and fishing in a back room when know one is around, this is what they want where do's it end no fishing photos of guys holding salmon, no hunting photos of that big buck you just shot. maybe this site should be shut down because it offensive to some. Is this what it has come to, I'll tell you what, you can stop showing photos, stop talking about hunting and fishing. but these people will still be out there to do ONE thing stop ALL hunting and fishing period. photos or not they are still coming.
  21. Are those Dates etched in stone or are they just proposed dates. I know its a fine line between being iced out and no birds down but that date is nuts.
  22. I cant say enough good things about Bow and Stern, The people there are the best, Paul is not only a great guy to do business with but is also a great fisherman and knows the trolling game he can set you up with just what you need. and Chris his son runs the maintenance end and works on the boats Chris is one of the best at in the business at it, you can't go wrong doing business with them. I have bought 4 boats from them, from 14ft to 25 ft. and know them like family. GREAT PEOPLE.
  23. like watching one of my favorite fly fishing shows with Flip Pallet. GREAT JOB.
  24. jht21, your going to get a lot of different answers to the questions you asked and they are all right for that person and how they fish. I use 32 lb Blood run copper if you look at there dive chart 32lb and 45 lb run close. Now, I run 32lb copper for lake Erie walleye and for salmon and love it for both. for a backer I use 50lb test power pro may seem heavy but I want my boards to come back to me every time with no problems. As far as connecting to my leader to my copper or to the backing I use a albright knot and I put a drop of supper glue on it so the power pro cant slip. for us leaders are 30 ft. again that what I run. good luck hope it helps.
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