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  1. Hi Gambler. I am admiring your rigs. How far back do you run your spin n glows behind gang trolls or dodgers for lakers? jim
  2. I have been a long time Lowrance owner and advocate. Lowrance lost me the day they talked down to me me telling me that my favourite unit should be thrown in the trash rather than try to repair it. I loved that machine! And spent a lot of money that I did not have just to get that unit. It was so special. So when I retired I went to Humminbird and bought their top of the line. I have had no regrets. Humminbird customer service is just great, they are very understanding and no question is a dumb one. My next sonar for boat number two will be a Humminbird!
  3. I have two observations. I fish Lake of the Woods, Ontario. In the first one while casting for Musky I saw bass, perch and other little fish jumping all over right out of the water in a weed bed. The reason , a school of Muskies had just moved in shallow from the depths . I saw eight large fish next to my boat just passing through en route to the weeds. A couple of them followed my yellow Mepps spinner and I caught one. All the while little fish were just busting out of the water, so there had to be even more Muskies that I didn't see. Reminded me of a tv show I saw featuring salt water fishing. There have been other times while using minnows for Walleye that we caught both Pike and Musky when it is apparent that the Walleye feeding had shut down and the school had just moved on. Some of these Esox were quite large too! Lots of fun on six pound test.
  4. About 20 + plus years ago I attended a sold out seminar at our local concert hall in Winnipeg Manitoba. There , Charlie White from British Columbia showed us a film he had taken with a camera secured inside a water tight box next to his down rigger ball. He filmed various fish but concentrated on salmon and their reaction to his spoons. He ran his spoons clean and dipped in various attractants. One of his findings was that oily bilge water from his boat was the best attractant. I was fascinated with this revelation. And the commercial scents available at the time seemed to have no effect. Mr. White produced a VHS tape recording his experiment with his full seminar. The tape was at our local library. I also saw the tape featured on Canadian TV. Despite all this I do wash my lures in Dawn and I do use scent from time to time. But just the same this still mystifies me!
  5. I agree some pictures would be very helpfull. Now is the time to get organized for open water.
  6. I would respectfully like to add a note of caution about the black box thing. Particularly since you are operating an aluminum boat. My dealer told me that he once saw an aluminum boat where all the rivets under water failed. The owner used a black box! I would investigate the bonding wire instead. I think that you will find that your Lund is already bonded. By the way I have a Lund too. Your issue may not have anything to do with your electrical equipment, but do check it out. Instead you may want to consider boat noise/vibration and what causes it - some boats are just quieter than others when they go thru the water. I am adding rubber using pool noodles or whatever to soak up sound and vibration. There was a recent post just before Christmas in which the writer noted that after setting his riggers upon rubber bases that his catch ratio went up. He reasoned that the rubber base prevented offsetting vibrations being transmitted thru the downrigger line. Something to consider, good luck.
  7. Very nice, well done, good to see you catching skis while snow is falling where I am ! Where have you found Shadzillas for sale?
  8. My boat is out of the water with the bilge and drain plugs left open for air flow with internal hatches propped open. However i also leave a pail of mothballs inside all of our boats to discourage crittters. This seems to work. I notice inside our boathouse that liberal splashes of Mr. Clean spread over areas which attract otters also works well. If I had time to think during closing I would also put a rag soaked in Mr. Clean inside another pail in my boat . I store my boat outside on shore close to an otter family. Think I will address this later this month and add another pail. My system isn't perfect because I still find the odd pine comb from squirrels in spring but thats all, touch wood ! One spring my buddy despite taking the same precautions found a racoon family inside his I O. So I guess no matter what you do , stuff happens ! Hope this helps.
  9. Could you give us a little more detail about what happens when winding under pressure? I almost bought weed eater line last year. I assume weed eater line binds under pressure but would like to be sure. Thanks Jim
  10. Thank you RSF for your observation. Come next spring I am going to remount my rigger. Not sure what kind of rubber I should use. Could you tell me what kind of rubber and where you found it so I can use your example and work from there? Was it just your rigger you remounted or did you add a rubber backing anywhere else to absorb noise/ vibration like an American submarine? I also think cut down pool noodles can contribute. Interesting topic. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. Thank you for your humour Tileman Dan. I appreciate where you are coming from! For you and everyone else I will explain my interest. I was hoping that these were the Kachman Automatic Trolling Reels sold by Riviera Tackle and they do wind up to bring the planner board in when your boat turns toward the board. I am unsure if these are the type offered for sale. I have seen this system demonstrated by famed Musky guide, Jim Fleming of Drifter 11 Charters and thought that I could use this when I fish for Lake Trout in the spring and Musky later in the season. Fleming is well known for his charters on Lake Erie and Lake St Clair. He also has been the focus of many tv programs and has been featured in many magazine articles. Should anyone be interested: The Riviera web site is rivieratrolling.com The Drifter 11 web site is Drifter2.com Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. Hi, Are these the type of reel that winds up on their own when you turn into the board? jim Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. Some suggestions: Definitely bring a Rapala Super Shad Rap! perch or sucker finish with steel or heavy floro leader, great inside and outside the weeds suick style jerk bait, use with a real strong steel leader, not a cheap one which will snap small to medium rubber swim baits like a bull dawg, steel or heavy floro leader large paddle tail minnows on a heavy jig, heavy leader safety pin spinner toss in weeds at surface, retrieve & hang on Super Top Raider with heavy leader, the contra rotating blades raise a wonderful ruckus on top then hang on! An old Globe or a Pacemaker would also work well. try using google if not familiar with any of these lures. Have fun and all the best! Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. Hi Chas, I originally raised the eye bolts up on my boards. However changing to a longer bolt bent up really does seem to work better, could be some sort of mechanical advantage - I don't know. The idea is not mine I found it recommended by someone else and just tried it. Great Lakes, I am interested in seeing your pictures with the bungie cord. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. We use both the Believer and the Swim Whizz all the time in season at Lake of the Woods either casting or trolling. In spring I sometimes find these lures on the shoreline after a long winter. They are no longer stuck on the bottom. Then I just, repaint, rehook and reuse. These cranks have a unique action that always works well. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  16. A suggestion I don't pull copper but I do pull large musky baits with my homemade double boards. What I found was that it helps to use long eye bolts (about one third back) on the boards I made and to bend them up vertically to increase the lift of the far board so it does not start to dig in or submarine. I also think with the bent eye bolts that there is a more direct pull with water line drag being reduced. My boards are similar to those previously shown and made out of light pine that I sealed with varnish. The pine was recycled from an old wooden drawer. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  17. I am now using rubber bands in a kind of double half hitch where the band is wrapped around the line a couple of times with both ends placed in the release. I like this because the band no longer stays wrapped around the line in a half hitch which gets wound into my reel. Instead the band either falls off or remains in my release to be picked off. I used to have a number of bands wound around my reel before this. This is not my idea, its something I found in another forum, but it works. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  18. I have a 4 year old Honda 8hp long shaft. I like the charging system. It starts first or second pull every year and I just go fishin. Every fall I change the oils and filters and baby it as much as I can. The motor has saved my bacon a couple of times when the main power plant has failed. Both gas tanks have interchangeable gas lines. I like Yamaha too. In making a decision I would consider the local dealer network, can you get service locally and what is their reputation? We just like Hondas after using for years ALL the other engines. Hondas run and run and if serviced properly never need to be fixed because they just don't fail. We have Hondas on all of our boats. Just my thoughts. Good Luck ! Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  19. I would respectfully suggest that you should reconsider your Tranx decision. Yes it will cost a pretty penny but if you shop around you will find a difference in pricing. I bought mine from Japan Tackle over the internet through EBAY and am still happy. It is worth it! Combine the reel with an 8 foot + rod you will be able to achieve great distance. I am unhappy though when I remember some of the mark ups I found at local retailers here in Canada. As consumers we all can be pretty gullible. After paying customs fees the reel was still cheaper coming from the US! You don't have to pay custom fees! The Tranx is a lifetime purchase and you won't regret it! Have been using the reel for over two years and thoroughly enjoy it. My other reel is the Shimano Conquest which is a souped up version of the Calcutta. Another great bait caster that works really well. I use it for my lighter musky lures. I like having multiple set ups ready to go so I can give fish a different presentation from time to time. My only problem with the Calcutta is that its instructions arrived in Japanese because the reel was made for their home market. Now I see that Shimano is starting to market the Conquest in North America. With regard to the Shimano Curado I would like to say that it too has an excellent reputation. One of the guides I know who fishes heavily here in Lake of the Woods, says that that this is also is an excellent reel. He has it on a couple of his rods and promotes it. (As an aside I would note my friend guides every year a group of gentlemen from Japan who are executives at Shimano.) Good luck with your decision and best wishes for the new year! jim Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  20. When you look at a four stroke kicker you will appreciate the long shaft for its control and ease of use on the water over the short shaft. I am using an 8 hp Honda off the stern of my Lund and just love it. Both gas tanks (portable and internal) have the same fittings so I can switch tanks when I have to. This has saved me more than once! Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  21. I have read this book many times and I thank Mr. Collin for his review. Yes Ray Johnson is not a natural writer and yes I questioned many of the same subjects noted by Mr. Collin. However I did learn about tenacity individualism and how important it is to use a long light line for as natural presentation as possible. I appreciate the reference to Mr. Johnson being on youtube, it completes my picture of him. However I am not prepared to live in a cave. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  22. What do you guys use for the bodies of these flies ? I might make a few this winter with tinsel to use for Lake Trout. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  23. Just replaced this summer my old Cannon electric with the new Digi Troll. The deck bolt pattern is the same, so I just replaced the old base with the new one. Hope this helps! At some point I will be selling the old rigger for parts. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  24. Please post the result to your inquiry . Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  25. Hi, there is a guy known as Dan Baslore I believe who appraises lures and can be contacted thru Fishing Facts magazine. In addition if you do an internet search you will find the National Fishing lure Collector Club whose members will also help you and appraise for free. All you really need to do is send them a picture after requesting assistance. I believe Mr. Baslore is a member of this organization. You may be pleasantly surprised! Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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